L'ART pour L' ART (not for money)

18 Jul 2013
L'ART pour L' ART

Yeah! we're Recording again! (but still not for OMNIA) Yesterday we had another fun recording session in the Stennystudio... we like having these little artistic sessions with our sweet friend Fieke as technician! very cosy... The recordings we made two months ago were for the brand new single of our German friends from Saltatio Mortis called "Wachtum über alles" ... we made an english language cover version as a gift for them called "Profit über alles" (and, as the title suggests we did this for free ;-) AND I hear that the single is OUT NOW! and for sale online etc. so if you're interested , check it out HERE! 

And now yesterday we were recording again , but this time for a CD by another band of some more German friends of ours,this time we were doing "our OMNIA thing" infront of the microphones for the original godfathers of the German "mittelalter scene", none other than CORVUS CORAX! Jenny played a lovely bit of Harp as an intro to one of the new songs that our Raven buddies are working on! ... So you can stay on the look-out for that one too! (and who knows? maybe one day soo we'll make some recordings for a OMNIA album aswell! ;-)  

Greenthingz on Raven's wingz! XXX  Stenny     
(picture of Corvus Corax by Holger Bücker)