Let’’s talk about the weather again ;-) Blitz Freeze!!

14 Feb 2021


As the rythms of the season break up and splinter in this ongoing Human Climate corruption, We can see ever increasing short spikes of VERY hot and VERY Cold air.

The old trusted patterns  are now replaced by the long predicted Climate Chaos!

The stuttering transatlantic conveyor belt and the BROKEN Nothern Polar vortex are mixing up the pattern even further, so life get’s more extreme with each passing month as Gaia continues to scratch her human fleas.

And So… Our pretty TERRA OMNIA is now a deep freeze again!
but, no worries! this 2021, I’m sure we’ll have another quick 20 or 30 degree temperature rise within a week or so…

So my friend, what’s the weather like where YOU live?  
please mention WHERE you are
because I’m not psychic

(well at least not on the internet ;-)

Greenthingz and frozen little butts