Let’s talk about the weather again

9 Aug 2020

So… for a moment, forget that the human race is supposed to be dying of a deadly permanent flu virus and look outside for a moment…

As far as I can see the climate is just about as fucked as it has ever been and then some… Here in the Slovenian Alps the weather is to say the least … weird.

Hot summer sun and heavy thunder and rain are circling each other in a waltz of turbulence and temperature fluctuations (the thermometer is going up and down like a pogoing rabbit on speed). It makes for impressive natural phenomenon, but it’s not right.

We tend to notice these things because we spend a lot of time doing healthy walky’ climby’, choppywoody, buildyfuckingheavythingsoutofstonystuffy outdoorsy things.

(Note for all you incarcerated city dwellers on the web out there, I’ll just explain: “outside” is what your life used to have before you were all locked up for your own protection so that the quality of your daily life will be safer and better)

So, here’s me, wondering (once again) what is the weather like out there in the greater world?
Let’s all just fuck the corona story for a moment and concentrate on the fact that the biosphere is freaking out in a big way; it’s getting progressively weirder and this is more important than ..ahem.. covid-19 … by a factor of about one million or so.

Are YOU experiencing random chaotic weather?
Do you see unseasonal or unique things happening in the flora and fauna where you live?

(I mean things like: unusual droughts or too much rain, forest fires, strange invasive animals or insects, storm winds or no wind, new diseases on plants or wildlife, melting permafrost, etc)

Share it with us here (don’t forget to mention where abouts on the planet you live), so that we can share each other’s experience of what is happening right now.

Because, let’s face it… the real news on a personal level (like us just sharing thoughts here) isn’t out there in money-and-madness-obsessed-media land.
And now, we cannot demonstrate or gather in groups any longer, which means we cannot voice our demands for life and the earth and our future without being harrassed and disrupted by all the modern gestapo units that each country has drummed up and empowered during “the crisis” … apparently for our own good.

Don’t forget kids, that mask is there to keep your bloody mouth shut…

But that doesn’t mean that the environmental crisis has gone.
Or has it?
Share please
Greenthingz from the heart of Nature