Let CHAOS fly free…

25 Jun 2020

As some of you might have noticed by now, the Corona lockdown LAW is, and has always been, a political tool to keep you under CONTROL.

You all know I’m a CHAOS adept so I’ll leave out the long rant, I’m through trying to convince people by literary argument online… it’s pointless… if you don’t get it by now, you never will.

So I’ll speak as an old activist that thought that “those days are gone”: I am elated and very moved by the civil disobedience actions that are breaking out worldwide… there were goosebumps on these old eco-anarchist arms

(I’m ashamed to confess that I believed that most of the modern population had turned into a bunch of inbred spineless cowards blinded by media bullshit and softened up into weak submissive blobs by gluttony and consumer product addiction… ahem…

But it seems I was wrong.

There are people, lots of people, out there who can still shout NOOOO!!!! at the top of their voice when they see that the shit has just gone too far

As a result the regular babylon news media completely missportrays these outraged people’s protests against the Law. Ignoring the mass protest and focusing on the lawbreaking and apparently violent nature of the demonstrators, with stories like:

“Our brave police force was efficiently protecting the peaceful law abiding population against violent trouble makers causing public damage and unrest”

(strangely enough they ALWAYS do this by heroically beating the fuck out of them with super modern combat weapons).

These reports in the media are kind of frustrating if you happened to have been there and saw what the police did.

(I know EXACTLY how you feel)


Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal… Babylon always does this, they make the rules…they are the Law AND the media

it’s not important what gets REPORTED to “the public”.

The monkey world is made of lies, it’s all they’re used to…

Their eyes are closed.

The important thing is what it does to YOU!

When you run into the true face of the LAW, your eyes open (after the initial confusion, as you stand there with your witty banner and your hopeful ideals, proudly standing for what’s right… when you’re suddenly confronted by hundreds of highly trained professional close combat fighters screaming war chants and enthusiastically unleashing teargas, smoke bombs, water cannon, rubber bullets, combat boots and very hard heavy clubs.

Or you face a full on charge of police-warhorses, bearing down on you full gallop into a crowded street… the illusion of civilisation and social rules disappears beneath the boots of an army of inhumanly visored heavily armoured automatons brutally crushing and dominating each and every victim in front of them…

Unarmed happy, free silly peace loving people…

People like YOU and me...

Just because you wanted to point out an injustice to “the people”…

when you ask change… they answer in violence… their answer is always no.

It’s then you suddenly realise that the LAW is merely an illusion, a well-marketed and tenacious fairy story, written and protected by violence and conquest to justify the existence of legions of paid mercenaries …

armed to the teeth with the latest weapons and spy equipment…

Their only job is to uphold the LAW.

The LAW was/is written by the richest classes to protect the power and the property of the ruling families of the world…

The LAW is not there to protect you from harm, the LAW is not interested if you live a happy and contented life, healthy, social and free from stress…

The LAW doesn’t care if the Earth dies…

The LAW is made of MONEY.

You go out into the street to demonstrate the right to be free to live your own life and make your own choices, to demand a greener way of life, to give a future to our children.

YOU do this VOLUNTARILY because you BELIEVE in something.

The police gets PAID to stop you…

That should say something, right?

YOU are allowed your illusion of freedom as long as you shut the fuck up, pay your taxes, close your eyes, shut your ears and ignore the screaming injustice being perpetrated all around you…

Enslavement lives inside your head

Recognize that fact


turn on, tune in and drop out

Remember It’s all an illusion and YOU are born FREE.

Don’t let the fuckers get you down

What are YOUR thoughts on this?

What is happening in YOUR country?

Greenthingz and Chaos Theory

Dr.Steve Sic Evans van der Harten

(Pope, Shaman, Heyoka, Anarchist, Idiot, freeman)

ps: the opposite of LAW is CHAOS, so if you wanna do something, get CREATIVE!

Tiamat vivat, Discordia rules