Let's talk about the weather :-)

4 Feb 2020

We've been hearing a lot about the deeply sad enviromental collapse in Australia lately... but how about all the rest of you? Let's share what we experience...
Here on the Sunny Slovenian side of the Alps (south of Austria, north of Italy) at 800 metres above sea level in TERRA OMNIA we are having "Everything" weather!

This January the spring flowers bloom, the birds sing their vernal awakening songs, the sun shines warmly (I was out fixing our water well in just a teeshirt last week... I was possibly also wearing pants though..? Not sure really... hmm anyway! Where was I?)
Followed by Days of sinuous silver mists gathered in the embrace of the hills (definitely Celtic ones!)
Then, suddenly! the stormwinds come howling like a pack of demented banshees over our primitive settlement…
Then the sky becomes harmless benevolent blue and shining golden happiness, tranquil hours later ... thunder and mega lightning shake the very bones of the mountains... and then ... snow storm! (not real snow made from properly grown geometric looking snowflakes, but somehow stunted, misformed blobs somewhere inbetween a squishy hailstone, a sticky rain drop and a crummy styrofoam ball. Then...more sun!...shiny happy sun! And... rain storm!, fish!, weasels! (Anything is possible in an exponentially declining pattern :-)

So what is YOUR weather like?
Please Mention Where YOU are writing from, if you join this little group of weather observing tree huggers!

Tempus chaos est!
Shaman Steve Sic