Let's talk about the weather again

14 Jun 2020


Teeny tiny fledgling birdies are flapping like unguided feathery missiles all around our house, setting out into life's wonderfully rich mysteries... although the weather is kinda confused now, It's a little wet and windy here on Terra OMNIA today...

Despite the fact that globally, May 2020 was the hottest May in human memory since...
May 2019
(Which was the last "record breaker")
This rise will continue.

I saw on satellite picture that there are some monstrously huge modderfokking storms building around the world right now.

(I saw this info on a high level weather satellite ofcourse, not on one of the planned 42.000 new 5G sky/spy satellites that have started being launched under cover of the forced corona quarantine)

These launches have helped to cause the biggest hole ever to appear in the ozone layer over the Arctic!

The available drinking water on earth is running out (almost) as fast as the total world population is expanding.

Despite all we know, Rainforests are still being murdered at an increasing rate

The biggest ever Earth Day (50th anniversary) was forbidden by quarantina politics.

All climate summit talks for 2020 have been postponed to (maybe)
November 2021

It's great to now see so much time, creativity and energy being put into protesting for something that most sane rational people agree about anyway (as far as I know only small groups of bigoted, white trash, rightwing, inbred morons still believe in racial inequality). So it's great to see so many people loudly and proudly agreeing with each other.

Now, here's an idea:
Let's try to demonstrate together to save what's left of our planet from total ecological collapse so that our kids and grandkids and their kids of any colour at all might have a natural life to look forward to in the future.

What's the weather /wildlife like where you live?
Anything spectacularly good going on?

Greenz and soggybottoms