Life is good in TERRA OMNIA

11 Apr 2020

What does Stenny do under quarantine?
We sleep, we read, we chop wood, we go on loooong hikes in the mountains, we have lovely walks and sweet love in our forest :-)
Do yoga, make music, eat great food, shoot bows, walk butt naked in the know, chill stuff ;-)
There's hard work too! Cleaning out the old farm buildings and working on the land... but it's all oh so peacefull!
Only the sound of birds, bugs and the voice of the water on the land and wind in the trees!

This feels like PaganFolk!

There's not much else we can do but enjoy life ;-)
We can't work on our houses, can't build a new studio or fix a concerthall here yet, everything's closed... we cannot even get friends and family over here to help and to enjoy the gift of this land with us because they're all sadly quarantined!

We know that many of you are being held against your will and natural instincts... sometimes in not the best of 'home' situations (either due to where or with whom you are locked up! without escape)

We just want to say that our hearts go out to you all who are not fortunate enough to live far from humanity in nature, we cry for all who cannot enjoy the seasons to the full and be truly Alive.

We've heard from many of you that listening to our music helps people to feel free, and to experience the essence of Nature, so please do that!
Put on an OMNIA song that you like and think of Stenny living free and wild in Nature ...for real... living those songs... hold on to that feeling.
Let it warm you and show you that it's always possible to change your life to suit your own needs... we did :-)

Nature is here for us and we are here for YOU!

We hope one day to be able to meet YOU here on TERRA OMNIA
(after the lockdown).

Greenthingz and Freedom