1 Apr 2022

Let’s talk about Love for a bit,
and not the usual boy/girl love of romantic tales of old
(altough I have tonnes of that and my love for Jenny is obviously of fucking epic “Pixies-Gigantic” proportions and of the “mountain high and large bodies of water deep and wide” pursuasion…

but No…Here and now I speak of

Love of Life and Truth

Love of the breathing lung and beating heart variety

Love of  simply “being”


I love the sound, smell and sparkling ’feeling’ of spring showers on the earth after weeks of dry dusty drought!

I love the invigorating waters miraculously falling from the sky and giving electric energy and morphic information to the ground and all who live upon her…

I love the bursting forth of LIFE in preformed patterns unfolding like fractal origami from the sleeping roots nestled in the ground…

I love the yearly radical rebirth from slumbering winter pause…

I see seeds surfacing from sheltered spaces, bursting forth with root, stem and leaf in yet another miracle of the purest magic imaginable!

I love it!

Free Energy!
Freedom Energy!

I love this show!
I’ve been to this gig before in different venues
Many years I have witnessed this miracle show,
but each year as my understanding grows deeper of the root and fact of our existance on this world,  
the awakening beauty and powerfull majesty of this enormous ongoing event increases a thousandfold.

Untill all human bullshit and lipservice fades away into the irrititatingly insignificant squeeking self serving nonsense that it is…
Fuck humanity, Fuck their silly noise

Look around !
Look at what YOU are standing on!

I stand in awe, openmouthed, ears filled with the song of bird and the sigh of wind
Eye overflowing with greenz, light and tears of joy.

I Love All this free energy and creation!

I love knowledge
I am a Natural Philosopher -“One who loves gathering knowledge of Nature”

I Love all these wonderfully designed and intricately detailed entities that make up the sum total of this world
A gazillion life forms all seemingly chaotic and possibly selfish…
Yet, ultimately they are all swirling to the same tune and completely socially cooperative and interdependant.

An ever growing, all dancing, all singing miracle of LIFE!
(of which I have the humble honour to be allowed to witness, and be a small part of it, every day.)

Life is good! Life is strong! I see that now… I am where I belong

It’s sometimes hard to express what I feel and why it is important that YOU should know, because the things I speak of have no importance at all within the twisted web of lies and deceit that has become modern “mass and social communication” via the slave network.

I speak of what was important before the internet was invented

I speak of what will still be important long after the internet has birthed it’s little demon child and has outlived it’s use and died.

I speak of that which lies beyond human words

There are no words in our silly monkey vocabularies of designed-babel-confusion to describe the REAL magic and “wonder of it all”

… at least not yet…?…

I can usually only express these matters abstractly in music and poetry…
(and then 99% of all listeners/observers completely fail to get the point! Ha!)

The thoughts and feelings that nature and natural living inspire in us earthlings should have better names and words!…

Because those facts are the ONLY really important things on this confused and fenced off little world of terribly misinformed and mutated monkey hybrid creatures who really do not have a fucking clue about the sad state of their lives as property of a dangerously deranged set of psychos…ahem

So I wish to share this real energy with YOU
although alas we shall probably never meet in person here, as I had hoped when we started TERRA OMNIA, but who knows? (hope/omnia springs eternal!)

Nothing is Sacred… Only Nature!
Don’t YOU forget it!
(I have this lesson tattooed in runes on the outside of my skull)

Don’t forget that Life is a journey of discovery (EVERY fucking day!)
That means also TODAY!
I have that tattooed on the inside of my skull ! ;-)

There is so much more to learn,

There are so many veils that have been drawn before our eyes

And I really really really LOVE drawing aside those veils!

Go on! try it! pull aside some of those curtains aswell!

So we can see what lies … beyond the lies…
(gotta love that pun)

Greenthingz and opened eyes**
Shaman Steve Sic

**because it’s only in the kingdom of the blind, that the evil fecking ONE EYE is king!