Moonshine in the daytime! ;-) (the sweet life of an Outlaw…)

17 Oct 2021

Wild Fruit grows on TERRA OMNIA because Nature makes it so

We gather the fruits of the forest and our orchards and put them into big enclosed buckets

the fruit ferments with the natural wild yeasts it contains

the mash turns into spontaneously fermented alcoholic “wines” or “ciders”…
all by themselves!

I cook that mash in my distilling kettle to make high grade alcohol.

I use the resulting alcohol (given freely by nature) to make my own pure organic brandies , bitters, liquers, tinctures and disinfectants…

This is a natural process that anyone can do as ofcourse many many people used to do this at home worldwide…

good Natural home-made luxury!

Do YOU make your own booze?
Do YOU have any good recipies for bitters or liquers or other distilled whatnots?

Greenthingz and Free Celtic Spirits!
Sic the Alchemist

ps: growing and making your own food, drink and medicine isn’t just just practical, healthy and very satisfying…

it’s a political act!

It’s Freedom!!