29 Mar 2022

I know I have a blessed life, living peacefully in another world of plants, trees and wild animals…
I’m still not sure how it happened, but we live in “the Pagan-Hippy Heaven” we always dreamed of…

(and yes, it’s great and totally worth it, I recommend it, so do it now!! if you still have the choice)

BUT (there is always a butt)

Among all this peace and beauty … Still there are days I get terribly nostalgic and a little sad for times gone by…

And I don’t just mean all the great festival gigs we used to play for crowds of freedom loving weirdos.
(although… yes…I still miss you all very much, and I hope you are staying sane and free and happy out there in Stalag 2022)

or even having all night jam-sessions in dark smokey bars (ah! the smoke in bars!) and where the best music flowed and the beer wasn’t all owned by fucking heineken.

Sigh… I really miss large parts of the world I used to live in!…
not as in a specific house or a specific city or country…

but more like a certain type of “Zeitgeist” that seems to have been changed by the dark power of governmental control of society magic

You know what I mean?

It’s like… what the fuck happened?

I knew it was coming (you may have noticed if you were paying attention to our songs)
But I never new the apocalypse was going to look like this !?

When I find myself amongst other people nowadays (which is about once per every one or two weeks)  or when I carefully dip a toe into the cesspool which is the world wide web….
I find that I am living in a different world to the one I remember.

I miss things…

I miss the days when all the people I knew mistrusted the government and gladly disobeyed anything they forced onto us…. instead of following like the meek and soft sheep they have become.
(I have lost most of my friends and family to indoctrination and fear which has turned them into broken zombies… which saddens me more than I can say on this page)

I miss a world in which Tolkien’s world (and the others like it) were just beautifull cult fantasy in a timeless old European tradition without it having loads of black dwarves and hobbits as well as even yet more feisty female warriors forced into it to be more “woke” (whatever that is supposed to fucking mean)

I miss a world in which it was perfectly OK to be a healthy, white, heterosexual male without having to somehow feel guilty and ‘evil’ about it. As if all the good and bad in the world is a product of your gender, the colour of your skin or the type of your sexuality?

I miss an independent music scene with bands and the unconventional and wild and creative music they made … stuff that not only entertained but also educated and questioned the narrative of society….instead of all these industry enslaved puppet prostitutes spouting “safe” and “empty” messages of consumerism and obedience…

I miss the discussions and interesting confrontations between scientists weighing up proofs against each other to further the cause of knowledge… instead of this culture of government censorship and BIG industry monopoly on EVERYTHING and EVERY THOUGHT.

I miss the days when all my Gay friends were happy in the body they were born in, being free to have sex with their own gender or cross dress as much as they liked… a world in which children who are curious about homosexuality or are unsure of their own feelings about their gender aren’t actively indoctrinated and pushed (by the new world government) into becoming hormone and medication addicted surgically altered "transhuman"mutants.

I miss a world in which people were allowed to have opinions that differ from the state pushed norm. without losing their income, their savings, their jobs and their homes for merely suggesting a discussion about human rights.

I miss a world in which politicians at least SEEMED to care about our health and happiness and where members of the new world government do NOT have serious meetings about lowering the age of consent for anal sex with children…or suggesting lessons in masturbation for 5 year olds.

I miss buying my shopping at small independent corner stores (before government legislations killed them in favour of multinational stores owned by their buddies) so now we wander like cows through isles of the same poisoned but well advertised shit in bright fake packages produced by the same few multinational poisoners.

I miss a world where the word “PHILANTHROPIST” meant, “somebody who shares of what he has with others for the good of all”
and NOT
a “privileged, money grabbing, insane megalomaniac who is untouchable by any law worldwide”

I miss a world where weapons, “food”, chemical poisons AND “medicine” were not all made by the SAME fucking company!

I miss a world in which PORNO was a bit of exciting and smutty fun you got from a magazine you found on the rail tracks coming home from school… and not more than HALF of the bloody Internet , and now the most addictive and mind-fucking (literally) drug known to humans which has now destroyed the emotional and sexual lives of practically ALL of our children (although no one seems to mind and none of the “wokies” have woken up to THAT yet it seems).

I miss a sky that isn’t sprayed full of chemical particles spewed out of whole fleets of airplanes that officially do not exist (even though I can see them very clearly every day now)

I miss a world in which the weather isn’t really really weird all the time because it is getting fucked around by government agencies with equipment and technologies that (again) do not exist officially.
(but yet again…I can actually see them doing it now, can’t you?)

I miss the days when people were allowed to be healthy and use alternative ways of doctoring themselves (successfully) before it was made illegal and  “Public Health” actually became “Big Pharma Medication” sales

I miss a world in which almost 8 billion blind fucking monkey-pigs would notice that the top 30 richest most powerful and evil people in the world have ALL DOUBLED THEIR WORTH in the last two years
and possibly draw one or two conclusions from that?

I miss a world in which the general population is on guard for megalomaniacs and the threat they pose to us and our families…a world where a character that looks and talks like a bad James Bond villain who openly states that he is taking over the world in the name of the “council of 300” and even writes a fucking book about it (!?)
and who then openly infiltrates all the major governments in the world with puppets
would be at least be questioned a little?  
I mean?…
a planet with a WEF and a Klaus Schwab on it is perfectly fine?…
Revolution anyone?

Is that too much to ask?

You really start to wonder if anybody out there still has a brain (or balls) at all?

Or is everyone being kept so busy with working to keep their head above water,
working away to fight off the debts that you automatically incur in this slave-system of fiat-currency?
Or maybe everybody is just constantly distracted by all internet bullshit that fills their lives and minds so that they have lost the ability to make any kind of judgement at all?

Oh my poor poor people?

What have they done to you?

Will you ever be healthy and free again?

Are you all just gonna metaverse yourself into some CERN nightmare of total obedience? Pumped up to the eyeballs on specially designed synthetic drugs completely addicted to all the wonderfull  psy-op designed digital content out there to keep you from looking up and seeing reality (such as it is)?

I sit on my mountain, far away, and think of you with a heavy heart, full of aching.

My past life has been very long and extremely full up to now (because I always live each day as my last) so I have no worries, no FOMO, whatever comes to me…comes

My future life is unclear (everything is in flux, nothing is permanent, rules come and go) so I have NOTHING planned for the future except the well being of Jenny, TERRA OMNIA and our cat Crt.

My present is me writing this message to YOU, our worlds now merge as YOU read these words written by Me.

Here on TERRA OMNIA we continue our life’s work, our passion, to save what can be saved, to protect what can be protected, to survive what can be survived and most importantly


The Past is truly dead and no one really understoods her…so

Long live the Present!

Nothing is Sacred...only Nature

Greenthingz and stay FREE!
Shaman Steve Sic