Pagan Attic

20 Jun 2020

We're cleaning and fixing up our attic to make more fun space for our weird Pagan life

The dust is flying around, hence the "corona look" in this pic (here these masks are actually useful!)

This will probably be our bed and instrument room...

Normally I prefer playing outside...but... The weather is weird lately (rain/sun/wind) so we opted to do much needed inside work on our farmhouses!

You know... It feels really fecking great to be a part of making our own living space, with our own hands and wits... it feels somehow more... useful?

We're not just consuming the ready-made marketed reality that is served to me and you by our money-mad cultures.

You can make your own rules...

We are always in the vital process of designing our own way of living…

Our own rules for behaviour or for what is considered 'normal'...

Now including shaping and making our own living space within these ancient buildings on TERRA OMNIA!

But, oh my fucking gods!

That attic is dirty!...

First we had to clean, then to stain the old wood to preserve it. Then insulate it (for the tiny chance that there ever will be a winter again) and then the floor and walls come in...not something you do in a just couple of days.

All this living in isolated nature stuff is really quite a difference from touring!

But very satisfying!

And much closer to our soul... it's like a constant automatic meditation ...

Inner peace through useful, hard physical labour!