10 Mar 2020

I have been avoiding connecting to the internet lately because I'm so terribly afraid of being infected and catching the highly contagious and suuuuuper deadly corona virus virus that is slaying millions world wide!

Jenny and me have even stopped drinking ALL types of mexican beer as a precaution... just in case!

I mean... the numbers are shocking!! Look at this:

3287 deaths per day worldwide!!

That's 1.25 million death per year!!!

PLUS it leaves between 20 and 50 million injured and/or permanently disabled!!!

Every single year!!!! FUUUCK!!

That there Corona is soooo deadly that other less important issues (like the death of the present ecosphere) are ignored... and rightly so!!

These statistics don't lie!
Dang that Corona!
Close all borders, shoot all foreigners and cancel everything!!
We're all gonna die!!!!!!

Oh wait...

Oh... ah... so sorry, I made a mistake ...
the above statistics are all correct and real, but their not:

"death by Corona"


"Death by Car"

Oops! The actual death tolls of Corona virus are ridiculously small ...
(as REAL doctors keep pointing out, it's just another fucking flu virus that's only claimed a few thousand mutant monkeys worldwide.)

So welcome to the political spindoctor madhouse!

But, as they say so well in that first Lego movie:
"Everything is Awesome!"

And, living here on isolated beautifull Terra OMNIA, deep in Slovenia, surrounded by awakening flowers and nature, far away from all that human bullshit I must agree!

everything IS awesome!
(omnia magna EST!)

Take it easy, chill…
And remember that the only really dangerous "Corona's" out there, that need removing are on the heads of your fucking kings and queens.

Shaman Steve Sic

Ps: the climate's still fucked, but happily, we're still enjoying the hell out of it!