The quarantine SALE continues!

22 Apr 2020

Over the past week you guys managed to buy ALL our textile goods! All of them...? Well, there might still be a few shirts hidden in the store...if you look closely :)
So since most of you are already tastefully dressed, how about completing (or starting!) your OMNIA CD collection?
Everything is still 50% off and your trusty RavenTeam will make sure to get your order on its merry way as fast as possible!

On a pratical note: Keep in mind that your package might have a tiny delay due to mailing services being somewhat overworked lately.
USA/CANADA: Unfortunately we still can't send your packages, so you can place your order regularly, but it might be a little while still before we can send it to you (Canada seems to be affected by the US-american regulations, too).

How's life where you are?

Melodic things on sonic wingz,

Your RavenTeam et OMNIA