The Rythm of Life

26 May 2021

The Rythm flows like a river, It flies like a stormwind, it undulates like the tides cycling and spinning like Earth, Sun and Moon

This Drum (Bodhran) is the very first gift I ever bought for Jenny, when I had just met her.
From a small workshop in Berlin to the gifted hands of Jenny to the everlasting OMNIA experience
This Bodhran has been with us on stage on every single OMNIA performance we have ever done...

Always flowing, always choosing the elegant, most practical and energy efficient way to express the energy of life... as does all of nature

The flow of Rythm …the Earth pulse , knows no borders, it accepts no laws, it follows no monkey made religions…

it just IS...

Feel the pulse of Life in the beating of the drum
Feel the song of existence in the vibration of the skin
Feel the unstoppable will to live in all of this beautifull planet

Although “they” broke the gatherings, Nothing can stop the ever pumping pulse of life and freedom.

No greedy King, no insane Queen , no power mad prime Minister, no ruthless Dictator.

Even though this drum does not play on stage anymore, it doesn't stop playing!
The Beat goes ON!!

There's comfort in that thought ;-)

Greenthingz and green Beatz
Shaman Steve Sic et TERRA OMNIA