Sculpting Nature

2 Jun 2020

I'm building a little river!
Well... more of a babbling brook actually! It's a Living collaborative Artwork I'm making together with my Mother Nature.
I laid a 400 meter pipe (by hand!) to divert part of the water from one of our streams further uphill, so it flows closer to our house.
And now utilising my trusty slovenian Hoe, the Earth's gravity, the steep slopes forming parts of TERRA and some chaotic Artistic insight following the flow of the land I'm sculpting an acoustic stream...

It's like a living Instrument made of Earth and water, that sings soothing music, each tiny drop, dip, slide or corner speaking in a different voice ... an orchestra of millions of minute voices blending with the crickets and the sigh of the breeze in the grass.

I really love doing this stuff!
Fuck yes, this is really living!

This, to me, is the true meaning of Art.
I'm happy as a 5 year old playing in a sandbox, when I'm working with my hands to create something from the living materials surrounding me...
Just for fun, for Life, for the Spirits

And when this intrument is finished and settled in , We will record it for YOU ...
Yes, I haven't forgotten that we are also a band and that YOU want us to perform again for you.
Here it is:
Although we are not touring anymore (and probably won't be for a long time to come) we will get back into the studio to continue recording our life in musick for you, as we have always done.(we just have to finish building the bugger first!)

But at the moment OMNIA is in a different flow, like the water, seeking the Natural path.
because OMNIA is still real life, real people and not some record label media product we need to be where our Spirits and our Karma lead us.

We have got a LOT of digging, building, planting etc to do here on TERRA OMNIA and we like to do everything "hands on"
...but ...
when you stand here on your own, with you're little Slovenian hoe in your hand on a HUGE 165.000 square meters of lush forest and alpine meadow hillside
you realise how puny and small one single human monkey actually is!

I sure could use a hand out here!!
There's shitloads of work!
Hard physical, non-glamorous, muddy, sweaty, healthy, meditative work.

(I hope those damn walls around the country come down some time soon)

Greenthingz and Natural cooperation

Shaman Farmer Sic