Skulls and axes ;)

11 Jan 2020

Look I just got this great handmade t-shirt by the excellent artist Victor (DAtrezzo) !
He made one for me before (with bird skulls on it) and asked if I wanted a new one :-)
So I said "yes please! But please put on human skulls this time"
Which he did wonderfully , don't you agree?

I asked for skullz because I think there are too many animal deaths in the world in general , so I think it would be more fitting to have the skulls of humans (who are ultimately responsible for all this nature destruction we're having now!)

I have been studying, and warning about, the coming of this climate crisis for most of my life (and for all of OMNIA's life) and now the shit is really hitting the fan, the time for talk and for "nicely asking" for change has passed. (Just check the Australian mega-deaths or look at your local weather situation if you still have doubts)

There is a WAR on Nature and it ain't gonna stop because we ask nicely or "spread awareness" or donate a few bucks to an NGO.

The time has come to put away the pen and pick up an Axe instead ;-)

Greenthingz , Skullz, Axes and fighting for survival!
Shaman Sic