14 Mar 2021

A few words about your "invisible environment" :-)

As a veteran touring musician I've spent a lot of my life on big festival, club and theatre stages (remember them?) all filled with an enormous smog of different Electro Magnetic Fields emanating from all the wireless equipment, stage lights and amplification (and the other bands' inevitable laptops ;-))
This has made me acutely aware of my "Electro Magnetic Sensitivity"
(something which we ALL are, actually, although about 15% of the population is much more sensitive than others, me included, maybe you too).

It's like this:

Our modern world is filled with an all-encompassing smog of dangerous, not properly regulated EMF's (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) pumping out of all your personal wireless devices:
smartphone, tablet, laptop, wifi router, smart gadgets, etc
Also there are really countless "public" antennas,
especially in big cities.

Here at TERRA OMNIA the ambient EMF levels are extremely low because we live in the middle of nature and keep it that way by hardly using any electricity during the day and switching the main power off at night  for at least 10 hours)
also to minimise our exposure to Radio frequencies We don't have any wifi on our land
(we plug in by cable any internet device we need only when we use them…because they have an "OFF" switch ya know.)
And ofcourse we limit our cell phone use to the absolute minimum and then talk on speakerphone to avoid touching it. (with data roaming turned off)
And still there are HUGE frequencies here driving me crazy!


I started to investigate…
You see , there is now a very sinister NEW phenomenon called "smart meters" which are being installed in most private houses (worldwide!) to supposedly :

"monitor your electricity use and pass on the relevant information to your energy supplier for an overall more ecological use of resources"
...  ahem...

What they don't say is that these smartmeters are capable of much MUCH more on an information gathering and sending basis AND most alarmingly ,that they pump out unbelievable amounts of very high Radio Frequency pulses at different times during the day and night even when your mains power is switched completely off.

So I bought a powerfull EMF meter and decided to check out our house...

and oh boy..!!!
What a shock it was when I started taking exact measurements of all the EMF's on our normally pollution free land!

Because the power company sneakily installed a smartmeter here!  
without informing us!

this powerfull and very dangerous little transmitter/receiver (which we never asked for or even want) is plugged into our energy grid happily blasting away monster amounts of radiation at weird intervals day and night and we are now locked in a bureaucratic discussion with our energy company to get the phucking little basturd removed from TERRA OMNIA.

This is tricky to explain, because You can't see EMF's , smell them or hear them... (like radio active fallout)...

THEY say it's safe, conform to regulations and totally harmless

I say it's not.

THEY grunt importantly and point to the scientific EMF  studies and EU standards and mandates (totally outdated , misinformed and all financed by the industry themselves) which all say :

"it's all perfectly safe, we need a grid of smart meters, this the unstoppable future!"

then I point to literally hundreds of independantly financed scientific studies spanning decades of research,  a few billion sick monkeys with dramatically increasing cases of cancer (especially among young children), mass heart disease, autism, diabetes 2 , the list goes on.

and let's not forget the many "mystery" diseases with symptoms including: insomnia, memory loss, depression, fatigue, cold hands and feet, acne/ excema- like skin irritations, decreased spermcount, decreased sexuality, decreased overall circulation , disrupted immune stystem and digestive issues.

I also point out the worldwide mass insect extinctions, bird deaths, the increasing mysterious tree weaknesses and bear in mind that we are living on a totally phucked planet and then I say:

"I'm not so sure it's all that safe,
I don't trust the govermentally approved safety regulations,
they have never told the truth about new products before, why would they start now?
We give no permission for this pollution on TERRA OMNIA ,so please get rid of the damned thing, or I will get rid of it myself"

Now Let's see what happens ;-) I'll let you know
don’t forget that this is all part of the War on Nature and so we'll keep fighting to keep our land clean!

wow…long blog…(sorry Sam)

Are any of YOU out there aware of the increased Electro smog? (or just electro smog in general)

Does it bother you at all?

Have you noticed someting different in your mental or physical health since the beginning of 2020 ?

what do YOU think?

please share it here
Greenthingz Shaman Steve Sic

pps: if you're still reading this you must be really interested so I can warmly recommend not taking my word for for any of this, but doing some more reading about it yourself!

Book tip 1: If you're a real bookreader like me (a dying race) and you want the whole amazing story in all its enlightening details including the very beginnings of human interactions with electricity, magnetism, telegraph and Radio frequencies;
the developments, researches and experiments that brought us to this worrying and polluted point in history, then you'll 'enjoy' Arthur Firstenberg's 2017 classic "The Invisible Rainbow" (A History of Electricy and Life").
It includes tonnes of all the research done, many relevant case studies with all proper sources included, it's an enthralling beautifully written tale (I was shocked and amazed reading it, great research, very clarifying, kind of scary, but empowering... everybody should know this stuff):
"The Invisible Rainbow"  by Arthur Firstenberg

Book tip 2: If you're not a big book reader but more of a modern hipster "skimmer of information" and you want to know more about EMFs?
Then Nicolas Pinealt is your guy!  for a short, compact, to the point and very understandable information book (written in a charmingly entertaining way) about what EMF's are, what they do and what YOU can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.
"The non-tinfoil guide to EMFs (How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology"

And if reading from actual paper offends you, he also writes stuff online and has many podcasts.
You can find Nicolas Pineault at his website: