Social Commentary (YOU are not alone)

7 Nov 2021

Time for another little message  ;-)

Since the corporate take-over of reality I sometimes wonder if it has any point at all… But hey! I feel I gotta keep trying! (that’s still my job)

You see, I am free, and I would like YOU to be free too!

It seems that the abstract little thing which was once called “the TRUTH” has no place in most parts of this super-controlled society anymore.

I know that many monkeys don’t agree with my natural simplistic way of life and my warnings about the current War on Nature (and the 99%)…

But we should never let fear of oppression stop us from speaking out for truth or justice (yes kids, that’s another one of those abstract old-fashioned little concepts)

Speaking as a mostly isolated outsider, stuck on the side of a mountain in nature   and trying to take no active part in the human drama machine anymore,
I still cannot help but be sad and frustrated for my friends and family; I worry at the amount of sickness, suicide, terminal depression and general lack of life energy out there (either mental suffering through fear, stress and spiritual exhaustion or the real physical damage brought about by dangerous ”pandemonic shots”).

These things are a direct product of the ongoing enslavement of society by the most ruthless and morally unsound billionaires on the planet…

(It’s been going on for quite some time, centuries even, but boy! they are getting REALLY good at it now!)

and also

“Science” has been hijacked…

“Science” used to be a process of discovery of nature (natural philosophy),
being an active discussion and physical testing of theories to produce actual results in the real world
“Science” has now become just another word that has been bought and paid for by the highest bidders to misuse as they please.

Scientific “Proof” is now dictated by those who can pay and advertise the most.

“Medicine” is a top trading property on wallstreet, regardless if it works or not.

“Healthcare” has become the name of an iron law used to control populations and personal freedom worldwide.

Experimental, unnatural, genetic manipulation is now marketed as “Healthy” and the ONLY way to protect us from harm.

While tried and tested natural preventions and remedies that boost your immune sytem have been stamped as DANGEROUS.

“Government information” is fluid, contradictive and constantly changing but must be obeyed.
Any doubts cast on the present official narrative and all other views are labelled as “dangerous disinformation” which must be violently stamped out, blocked and erased to save the world population.

Nature is now the ENEMY (apparently) and the most dubious BILLIONAIRES, BANKS and BIG PHARMA companies are now the saviours of mankind (ahem…)

I stand here today looking open-mouthed at the ongoing insanity down there in the human world, watching from afar as more and more of us good, happy, social, free folk (all part of the 99.99%) get persecuted, ridiculed, fired, jailed, silenced, beaten , robbed and forced to comply with the will of Bill and his mega-rich criminal buddies through our own governments.

It has become very very hard to live a natural free life while this new and irrational religion of fear is growing like cancer… taking over everything it touches.

And worse still… a lot of people dont notice the dangerous game that’s being played with everyone.

we HAVE TO like the “safety measures” which don’t work…
we HAVE TO agree with the goverment , even if it kills us…
we HAVE TO keep our mouths shut and comply with the rules…
no matter how ridiculous or illogical they have become…

Questioning the orders and the methods of the rulers and their army of collaboraters only sets you up for attack and humiliation.

But still I need to …
It’s what my dear old mum would have wanted…

It’s what my religion and my calling as a Shaman demands of me…

All the other public figures and  “entertainers” I know
(the other bands and artists etc.) won’t speak out against the present nasty situation because it will cost them their business and their income because they won’t be able to work anywhere anymore..

But hey!
I really don’t care if we won’t be allowed to play anywhere anymore…
Our self sufficiency is getting better and better
I cannot and will not play for an audience that gets forced to comply with dangerous and ridiculous rules anyway!  I’m an Anarchist for fek’s sake!

OMNIA still stands for NATURE and PERSONAL FREEDOM… see? some things DON”T change! ;-)

So I have NOTHING to gain financially or otherwise by saying these words…
except that it eases my conscience to at least try to to tell my fellow freedom fighters out there that they are NOT ALONE… and to hold the line, keep up the resistance!

Stay strong my Brothers and Sisters even though the whole situation may sometimes seem hopeless right now…
It will not…
It cannot…

Stay free!
Don’t give up hope!
There are millions of us all over the world who also see through this BS. and who refuse to comply.

Keep your body and your mind clean from corporate pollution,

talk openly about your fears and doubts with your colleagues and friends

and you will find that not everyone is as fanatic for the new regime as it seems…

keep your personal sovereignity, don’t forget YOU ARE BORN FREE!

say NO to Drugs! … well, you know the ones I mean…

If your boss forces you to take the gene-shot…quit

If Your kids school demands gene-shots… get your kids out of there

If your government makes your life difficult because you doubt, get creative!

keep your own physical immune system healthy and working!

You only have one life…don’t waste it!

Say NO to Tyranny,
ESPECIALLY when they try to ram it down your throat with threats, sanctions, fines, police clubs and tear gas.

This planet is beautifull and life is a wonderfull gift to us all

Don’t let those rich modderfokkers out there take THAT away from YOU

The only real problems on this world are ALL the end-result of

Be thankfull to your enemies for giving you the chance to be a warrior and ride that good red road

Say YES to Life and Nature :-)

Greenthingz, hope  and FREEDOM!

Shaman Steve Sic

“When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender,
this I could not do;
I took my gun and vanished…”

Leonard Cohen “the partisan”

ps: don’t EVER use Google or Wikipedia if you ever want to research any real facts about ANYTHING at all on the web
(try duckduckgo or some other less controlled browser if you want some more realistic search results)