Tea time!

9 Jul 2020

The Lipa (linden) tree is blossoming! She has flowers which are great for making a delicious, healthy tea.
The bees told us that is was time to harvest these wonderfull flowers and now we have quite a stock of handpicked tea
(the bees were right, they are perfect)

This is just one of the many many free gifts from Mother Gaia which she made for our enjoyment!
The land around us is full of such gifts of wild strawberries, wild raspberries, wild cherries, very wild mushrooms… wow! This is real, but it’s like a fairytale!

We sometimes still have trouble believing the gift of this new life that we have been given by the spirits.
The speed of our daily existence has drastically slowed to an ultra mellow level after all those years of living and working on festivals, stages, tours, studios, driving and flying all over the place… pfew!
That life seems so far away and unreal now.
I mean … don’t get me wrong, staging an OMNIA PaganFolk show with all the ritual and energy is a great thing to do, a real thing to do… but the stress that surrounds the (back)stages, bands, managers and organisers of concerts and festivals is something we can really do without now… such uptight people!?

We are really happy, just “being” in the wild, no people (ie: no stress), and lots of simple outdoorsy things to do, all involving plants and wood and rocks and water.

I post on the web in a haphazard and inconsistent way, with starts and stops…Sometimes acid rant; sometimes a pretty pic with poems. I can imagine that if you’re following these posts you might be slightly confused as to what OMNIA’s posts is all about (including this sentence)… actually I am really amazed that any of you out there still takes the time to read my clumsy little notes after I tried so desperately to get less followers (we only want to be left with the cool ones like YOU!).

I don’t write constantly because I am spellbound by the stunning, mouth gaping, pantdropping, totally fucking amazing natural world out here so I forget there is such a thing as “internet” and then when I have a laptop thrust at me to write something I’m unsure about what to tell you…

I saw yet another new creature/ plant, insect, small fuzzy or flappy cutey that I have never seen before? (that happens nearly every day)

I made and beat drums with Jenny and the echoes between the mountains join in when you play them?

Every evening we sit on our hanging rocking bench (see pic) and stare out at the sunset or rising moon over an everchanging mountain/hill scape of miles and miles where the Ravens fly free?

It feels weird to keep posting tonnes of groovy things about the gigantic TERRA OMNIA paradise playground around us and saying “this is so cool” all the time,
because it might be boring or sound too much like boasting (there’s a little too much of that ego-pumping on the web already).
That would be such a waste of my and YOUR time eh?

But we DO want to share our way with YOU
and we wish to inspire YOU to break free from the lies of modern society and do the same in your own self-made-up way

(that’s also what OMNIA is all about)

The earth is beautifull if you look where the people and the commerce are not, with luck YOU will experience this too some day (if you don’t already do)

This is real life, this is not some standard “feel good” bullshit illusion to fill the web with.

This is OMNIA and it’s found what it was looking for all these years…

A place to call home where we belong

A place without noisy roads, without pollution, without people, without lies…

You know … it’s only People that make life sooo complicated, but “We don’t speak human”, so we can’t understand a word those fucking monkeys are saying anyway!

We are allowed to do just what we like

Life is all quite simple whenever you stop thinking about how you are ’supposed’ to live it

And just follow your instinct

And the bees

Now I’m off to enjoy a cuppa tea…cheers!