Thanx Guys!

4 Feb 2021

We read all your comments and felt a lot better about the nosedive culture and our part in it.
We'll keep on dancing 'till we Die!  ;-)

Also...Even though we use internet as little as possible and switch off all connection at night etc., we're still obliged to go online to handle YOUR orders for OMNIA CD's and OMNIA shirts etc. from our online webshop…

Which we do personally these days!
("your friendly OMNIA webshop team Stenny")

We really need to keep on doing this because online is the only form of income we have to keep "TERRA OMNIA" and ourselves going.
(also Jenny confessed that in these enforced isolated times, she enjoys having sporadic personal contact with all the nice people who support our Musick by ordering stuff)

So... after long consideration I have decided to (very random and sporadically) keep on plopping a little update about Terra OMNIA here  
(or the teeniest tiniest little rant if I reeeeaaally can't help myself),
because honestly we don't want to lose touch with YOU either!
(apparently we mean quite a bit to each other) :-)  

Plus we DEFINITELY want some more volunteers to come over to TERRA OMNIA and help us out this year, it’s fun!
So I can let you know via the social online network, when we need you and what / who we are looking for.

(but I'll tell you more about that later... probably at some random sporadic moment in the future... ahem )

So, thanx again and maybe see you around some time!

Greenz and although many things may seem sacred...only NATURE actually is ;-)


ps: if you want to support us or the upkeep of TERRA OMNIA from the comfort of your own home, then please go to our website and order some OMNIA CD's Shirts, Art etc. and Jenny and me will pack it up and send it to you, full of fresh resonant vibes from deep within the heart of Nature!