Things to do when the world's gone mad

15 Mar 2020

We suddenly have a lot of time on our hands because it seems that it's dangerous to meet with people? Nothing new there! ;)

So, We are happily filling this free time with reading in the sun, playing with the cat and chilling a lot.
But gosh? What a weird abstract fantasy scenario this is...?

It seems strange that eventhough influenza, (which includes MANY different corona flu viruses) claims around 650.000 human lives each year, no fun, but that's always been kind of "fine" until now.

It's a fact of life you get used to... old and sick people are vulnerable to influenza and may die of complications.

But now because a specifically named and heavily advertised corona virus has managed to claim just over 6000 old and vulnerable people in about 4 months all normal life as we know it stops...

We must be afraid...

We are not allowed contact with each other anymore...
we must fear each other as possible infectious hazards!

The Law now forbids us to gather.
Think about it...

Want to go to school?
... not allowed

Want to go to a concert?
... not

Want to demonstrate for the dying enviroment?
... not allowed

Want to get together and discuss where this destructive capital driven powergame is going?
... not allowed

They have created a zombie apocalypse without any visible zombies!

This is NOT the 1918 spanish flu.
(Look it up if you wanna see what a REAL epidemic looks like...that flu killed more people that the entire first worldwar within 2 years, infected a quarter of the entire planet and killed the young and strong just as easily as the weak...)
That is a real pandemic, so (ofcourse) all world governments surpressed the news violently to avoid panicking and demoralising the plebs, thus only aiding the spread of the disease.
(Only Spain had a free press at the time, so they bravely rang the alarm bell to warn the world and got the disease named after them as thanks).

So what's going on now?
Stores emptied?
Bars and resaurants closing?
Festivals ruined?
Tourism collapsing?
Stockmarkets doing what they do best? (crashing)
...toiletpaper becomes white tissue soft gold?!
(Scared animals apparently poo a lot!)

We had a whole bunch of appointments and meetings this week for TERRA OMNIA but all have been cancelled due to hysterical over reaction.

Friends of ours are basically quarantined all over the place.
others have even lost their jobs!
Also hundreds of thousands of musicians grounded, voiceless.

Corona ... It's just another bit of public entertainment/distraction thrown to us courtesy of:
"You can't see what we are really doing while your heads are turned"
Get ready for some great new upcoming laws to join the ever expanding "anti terrorist" laws, designed to make you powerless to react to what is really happening in the world.
don't get scared!
get creative!

So my friends... I'm curious, what's going on where YOU are now?
(Don't forget to mention where in the world you are)

Greenthingz, Health and Sanity!
Shaman Steve Sic

Ps: the fuzzy picture of Jenny has nothing to do with this blog but it sure is cute eh?

Pps: are you still reading? Wow! Thanx for taking the time!