Think about this...

22 Nov 2021

really… please
Don’t get all upset ,screamy and Offensive


 try to think calmly about what that statement means…

How do you know for sure that you haven’t been fooled?

Many millions have opened their eyes, and they are all waiting for you, their brothers and sisters, to do the same :-)

“Only Love can tame the Demon”

Greenthingz , Healing and Love!
Shaman Steve Sic

ps: the OMNIA account on the Mark Suckerberg hate machine of state propaganda will be closed by the end of this week. It was fun while it lasted, but that enviroment is really getting way too toxic for us now :-)


If you really need us, You can ALWAYS find us here on our own uncensored website!
(well… errr… at least untill the NWO shuts that down too)