Think like a witch...

21 Jul 2020

I've always loved witches

Starting with the ridiculous though fascinating cliché media image projected unto the blank canvas of the mini mind of my minor self...

I was hooked!

So cool,

So non conformist!

Such a nice shade of clothing!

And they even wear Hats!!

I have loved (and been loved by) witches my whole life!

In OMNIA's personal religion of nature power and archetypes, the term "Witch" "Warlock", "Shaman" or "Nature Worshipping enlightened person" are all interchangeable.

But all the really good Nature weirdos we know and respect have a whole lot more common sense and practical knowledge than they have spiritual mumbojumbo and cheap tricks to fool anyone into worship and/or payment...

Not all that glitters is gold

Not all that you see around you is what you think it is...

(Except of course on the internet where EVERYTHING is true!)

I see Witchcraft more like the "Granny Weatherwax" type of thinking. (As beautifully written about by the late great Saint Terry Pratchett)

In the human world which YOU and ME inhabit, this is a pretty good, cool, no nonsense philosophy to have for dealing with the craziness of this sad and obscenely selfdestructive human world.

Our planet calls us to cooperate and initiate social equality and ecological thinking in our own communities.

More mass green, less 1% blue!

While the shredded remnants of Democracy malignantly grow into an unopposable totalitarian and corporate controlled police-world.

I Think like a witch

I Think like an outsider

I Think I can make up my own reality...

and so can YOU!

Greenthingz in big Black hats!

Warlock Steve Sic