Time for Healing, time for Openness

26 Nov 2021

This Covid Panic Pandemonic has been going on for almost TWO YEARS now and
Despite the most drastic anti-social measures which have negatively changed every aspect of our society… things have only gotten worse!

The various governments led by NGO organisations have up to now only managed to destroy all our civil liberties and they have divided and destroyed our society as NEVER before)…

Friends and families have split,

millions of succesfull small independant and medium businesses have been forcibly bankrupted by governmental mandates.

a handfull of multi billionairs have become defacto owners of the entire planets economy!

MANY of my friends around the whole world are scared , damaged and hurting, being discriminated against, persecuted, bullied, jailed, beaten, fired from their jobs, chased out of their houses, shut out of society…

MANY of my friends are mysteriously damaged by the toxic poison in the mRNA shots they took, riddling their bodies with un natural spikeproteins and nano particles small enough to break the blood/brain barrier causing the most horrid afflictions…

But no one is allowed to speak about this openly,

There is NO compensation for the damaged, nowhere to complain, nowhere to get justice…
because the big Pharma corporations have been declared “untouchable” by law.

This hurts

Nature is hurting,  The free born Pagans are hurting

There is an unstoppable game being played with YOUR and MY life

This is not about our HEALTH

This is about their POWER

after ALL those changing “safety measures” to “protect the old and the weak”

after ALL those broken promises about “temporary measures”

after ALL the censorship and denial from the controlled and paid off mass media

after ALL the VERY suspicious campaigns to jab pregnant women and young children?

after all the reports about the growing epidemic of “sudden deaths” of strokes ,heartattacks and thrombosis related disabilities among the people,  including athletes, footballers, doctors, young people, children and even babies.

after ALL The extreme measures being used by Governments worldwide to force us ALL to comply to their will for NO valid medical reason.

after ALL THAT

They still want MORE from US?

FORCED vaccination!?
more Boosters?
more Lockdowns?
more economic sanctions?
more Depressions?
Untill we all finally CRACK and accept anything those masterminds of the WEF and their disciples throw at you?

I think not!

Awake my friends!

Both the forced “Vaxxing” and the inhuman “Covid-safety measures”  must stop RIGHT NOW, so we may start to heal society again.

So that we can organise a world wide COVID symposium of ALL the medical and social experts in the field of vaccination and genetic manipulation TOGETHER!
the inventor of the so called COVID test,
the inventor of the experimental mRNA therapy
and all the
doctors and
that have risked their career, their livelyhood and their reputations to bring you the TRUTH of what is going on.

but please let’s
EXCLUDE the  billionaires and politicians who no NOTHING of medicine but know everything about indoctrination

Please, Let’s look at ALL the facts TOGETHER , without censorship or big business and government interference.

So that TOGETHER we can decide what is REALLY going on in a proper democratic process of Open discussion, without FEAR or PREJUDICE.


If you are currently jabbed with mRNA, and YOU feel that just maybe you made a big mistake, don’t worry… it sux, yes, BUT maybe It’s not too late to change your mind and work on healing yourself again, back to who you were before this madness changed you.


if you’ve still remained 100% ORGANIC but are starting to “crack” under the strain of economic violence and social abuse…
hold on my friend!
Stay strong!
DO NOT let them jab you with their poison**
YOU are not alone!
 there are literally hundreds of millions worldwide who feel the same!
It’s only a question of time before the truth becomes clear


If you are a true Earth Warrior , unbroken, un“vaxxed”, unrepentant and unchained…
there is much work to do my friends!
the soft options have run out
arm yourself so you may protect yourself and those around you!

Time to DEFEND your FREEDOM!

don’t forget:


Greenthingz , peace and new Awakenings!
Shaman Steve Sic

** ofcourse you CAN get as many jabs as you like if you are a higher ranking or essential government or Big Pharma official, because you will only get vaccinated with a simple saline solution that looks like a mRNA shot instead ;-)