Tonight we Rock Belgium!!! (wanna buy a stage Banner?)

5 Jun 2013
we rock!

We're off to Belgium today to do our first gig there in years! and we're really looking forward to seeing our belgium friends again tonight! (eh Ju?)

We've also decided to sell our new stage banner... so if you're interested in owning a HUGE  watertight , thick vinyl, Omnia poster (3x2 metres) that looks like this picture... which has had us dancing around infront of it on stage.... then you can buy one tonight in the Wieke in Deerlijke ,Belgium, or on Sunday on the MPS at Hohenwestedt, Germany. Were selling it for cost price (€ 200,-)  If we don't sell it this weekend we'll put it online in our webshop next week, so you can buy the OMNIA stage banner wherever you live in the world OK?