Trash Folk

11 Jun 2020

Today I'm making heavy drumz from ecologically sourced recycled materials.

(ie: from garbage we find and take out of the forest)

Fresh forest tires!
(First gotta clean the buggers though)

For some inexplicable reason there seem to be dirty old car tires sprouting in the forest...4 so far on our land?..
Where do they come from?
You'd maybe think its a Slovenian national "let'all chuck a used car tire in the forest" day, or something like that, but
I remember our forest in Holland also sprouting these mysterious circular black rubber growths.. and the ones I visited in the states idem... so probably not.

I suppose it's just a human thing

Never mind, we got them all now (I think/hope) do something usefull with them, they are now gonna be used as drumz

Not sure if I'll record THEM though?

They'll probably sound like a bunch of garbage!

Soooo my dears...
Do any of YOU make your own instruments for fun?

Greenz and