What’s better than a good book? **

30 Nov 2020

We love books… we devour books! We have read thousands of the little buggers and continue to do so whenever and where ever possible.
As the weather gets colder and we spend more time inside, snuggled up close to the fire place … the time is ripe for more gripping stories!

To us, there are really very few joys as great as immersing ourselves in a well made fantasy/fiction novel (real books, real paper made by real people ;-)
Like the works of:
Saint Terry Pratchett,
Saint Iain (M) Banks,
Saint Douglas Adams
Saint Robert Holdstock
and now these last few years Joe Abercrombie (not a saint, ‘cause he ain’t dead)

Don’t you just love a well crafted story?
Something that can astound you? Or mystify you as you live through it, eagerly following the plot lines and the emotions they evoke to an ultimate and gloriously satisfying end which makes sense! (ya get that sense of completion and resolve!)

Apart from all the exciting adventure, sex, drugs, violence and mystery found in really good reading, we also find that all the basic workings of a well designed Fantasy / Fictive world make much more sense and have a MUCH more satisfying social narrative than… for instance… the sorry little storylines we are being served up in this rather sad and dull world referred to as “reality” nowadays.
 (I mean, really? This is the best they can come up with? All the major running plots in this reality could be written on the back of a bubblegum wrapper… together!)

So, because we have a choice, if we feel the need to immerse ourselves in any kind of running narrative made up by people…We much prefer the fiction written in our wonderfull collection of books!

Greenthingz and Good reading!

** TWO good books! (a mistake in mail-delivery gave us the opportunity to experience stereo reading!…so cool…)

Pic by Črt :-)