"Write something nice to give people a smile and a bit of hope..."

18 Jan 2023

Why exactly should I be giving any of YOU out there any "good feelings" or "Hope"?

Is it because we are OMNIA and the word "OMNIA" actually means "Hope" or "Wish" in Arabic?
(as well as "Everything" in Latin)

Is it because I saw it as my self-appointed job to spread healing, knowledge and respect for the Natural ways of living as a spiritual shaman?
(although I'm not sure anymore what that word "Shaman" means, because it is now being used willy nilly by all sorts of little ego-heads dressed up as "ancient healers" etc. who desperately want to seem to be "spiritual" in this demon-possessed world of creepy energies and evil death-cult worshippers)

... as you know I'm more the quiet "sit stoned under a tree and talk to it" type of shaman...

Is it because jenny and me saw all this shit coming and we were wise and brave enough to withdraw completely from society and change our lives at a fundamental level?
Thus REALLY seeing things in a different light for the first time in our lives.

Is it because we were lucky and canny enough  to be able to liberate and protect a small "free" space, a "pocket of peace" in the madness that is the modern world... our own little piece of mountainside forest (165000 m2/ 40 acres) that feeds us pure life energy to counter the soul sucking drain of the web, TERRA OMNIA that protects and feeds us as we protect it from the Machine that wishes to destroy all things Natural...

Maybe it's because I wish to say something 'nice' to you because we live apart from where you are at,
I wish to say something hopefull because we CAN say something positive in this mad world
because we have a REASON to be positive.

We live in TERRA OMNIA: a natural land of rational thought and calm insight
...instead of blind panic, fear and rage...

We live in a place of gentle questioning of life through Natural Philosophy instead of just accepting the brainwashing oppression and censorship of the new religion: "the SCIENCE"

We live a slow, peacefull life,
where you are allowed to do nothing and just chill all day if you cannot be arsed to work...
or where you can work all day long as long as the energy grips you, if that is your wish...
or where you can sleep all day, smoke weed and stare at the flowers and learn from them...

We should have time to say some nice words to YOU out there,
YOU,  who might NOT be living in a free way that Stenny lives here in TERRA OMNIA.
We do this because we can...

I'm through bitching about how stupid everybody was to follow their Demonic leaders into the man-made Hell they have prepared for you.

I'm through wanting to punch all those conformist, "yes-men" (and "yes-women")...(and "yes-trans-things") in the face for mentally and physically torturing all those poor defenseless kids all over the world with their fear mongering, lies and blind hatred while totally ignoring all the real problems out there and condemning them as being merely "conspiracy theories".

I'm even through trying to teach blind asleep sheeple-people anything about the great mysteries of our human Life, our fake human "his-story", our great misunderstood NATURE and what shape our world and universe really are.

I am through trying, because I cannot simply "tell" you this stuff.

I know that most of the information in OUR heads would completely blow YOUR minds if we dumped it on you all in one go... (we found this out through experience!)

These ideas and insights cannot be simply "told" to others...

These concepts will not fit into a nice little 45 minute netflix documentary...

These things,

These insights require a lot of time to comprehend...

A lot of research

A lot of mental pain and confusion

A lot of "letting go" of illusions

A lot of soul searching

The different concepts of life and reality require a LOT of bravery and/or insanity to digest

I could show YOU
if YOU come here and see where I'm pointing

I could make YOU think about things differently,
if YOU could look into my eyes as you hear my words.

I could make you realise things about this world that you never would have guessed possible,
if I can take you by your hand and lead you through the true heart of the forest.

But Sadly (for you) I cannot write it here,
My words here cannot set your mind free, because this medium I am writing on,

this world wide WEB ...

this government controlled inter-NET...

is part of the TRAP that enslaves YOUR mind...

but still,

here I am...

adding words of hope to the growing mass of information that is drowning your poor overworked soul


My words here are meant to be something "nice" to give to YOU!

So how about this:

No matter how screwed up your life seems

No matter how sick, how scared, how tired and depressed YOU might be





This world is full of pockets of peace,
where people live a happy life of liberty and hold up a big fat, freedom loving, middle finger in the face of the Klaus Schwabs, King Charles III's, Prime-Ministerial bastards, Religious pedofucktards and other parasitical poop heads that are controlling this open prison world that THEY have been building.

Remember that Freedom starts inside YOUR head!  (just as slavery does)

When I was 15 I lived in the streets of big stinky cities and had to beg and steal to stay alive in a poisoned environment from which I never should have escaped...
I was fated to die, miserable and diseased under a heavy chemical drug addiction before I turned 18...

I didn't!

Now i'm 55 and I live in a big beautifull, natural forest and have to chop wood, shovel snow, plough land and harvest crops to stay alive in a pure and clean enviroment.

If an idiot like me, who knows nothing and deserves nothing can get to live a magical life like this, by just "letting go" of convention and living a "good and honest" life ....even if it is for just a short while ...

Then so can YOU

There. THAT is positive right?

THAT gives a bit of hope right?

I will even go as far as to say, that if YOU would ever have a question about reality and perception
or have a particular mystery about Life, Death the Universe and OMNIA,
then you are free to write to me and who knows, maybe I'll be able to give you an answer you will find usefull.

Alternately, If you would ever like to come and visit us however (people do sometimes ask us),
I am afraid that you will also have help out and work on the land here with us, or help us in some other way you are skilled at,
because as any seeker of knowledge will tell you
true insight comes from doing...
That is the way of TERRA OMNIA.

can YOU write?
Do you still know what a physical letter is?
or a post-card?

if yes...

here is my postage adress:

Steve Sic
Florjan pri gornjem Gradu 14
3342 Gornji Grad

You write me, I'll write you back
(if you remember to enclose your own adress & have patience)

Life is what YOU make of it, as long as you keep your eyes and your mind open,

Do NOT assume that you already know everything

and try...

really try...

to find out what this place we live in is...

Closely studying and really looking logically at the theories and explanations of "the Science" and it's dogmas will help YOU to find out what it is NOT...

then start observing Nature yourself and the rest will follow from there.

Lots of Luck, Love, Hope and Good feelings to YOU all

Shaman Steve Sic

PS Jenny and me have just been really ill for two weeks and we felt like shit as well.
Life isn't all sunshine and roses, there is poop too....
But how we DEAL with Life's poop defines us as creative and freedom loving spirits.

Don't forget that

OK I'll stop writing now and get back to shovelling snow outside so we can walk around the house, because boy oh boy do we have a lot of fecking snow ! ***

***  No, no ;-)  NOT in the standard 'weather forecast news" way of :

But more in a quiet  "yes it's winter, yes we live in the mountains, yes, expect to be snowed in for a couple weeks a year because that is called "Normal" here ...ahem

ppps:  Oh yes, I am soooo sorry, but if you have ordered stuff from our website, it will take a little while longer to be delivered to you because not only are WE snowed in, but the local postman is snowed out!
That's what you get from living in the wild places!
As soon as the snow lessens and the roads are open again, your packets of OMNIA goodies will be on their way to you!
(should be before spring...euh...I hope!)