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"My Raven's eye sees all" 15cm PATCH!

30 Dec 2017

Check it out ;-) The all seeing Raven of the Gods... this extra large (15 cm/ 6 inch) OMNIA Mystic Raven patch will look lovely anywhere! sew it on your Jacket, Bag, Bottom, Horse, Boob, Beerbelly or whatever larger-sized place you fancy!

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29 Dec 2017

It’s that time of year to grow a bit nostalgic. So here’s a really old picture of a 23-year old Jenny laying down some bodhrán tracks for the 2004 OMNIA CD “Crone of War”….Remember that album?

Good luck surviving the war tomorrow night, all you fellow misanthropists ;-)
Put down some extra food and water for our furry and feathered friends, they will be very thankful!

Nostalgic Jenny

PS: Would you like more regular posts with ultra-old pictures? We got a bunch!

Strange Flowers grow in our forest..

28 Dec 2017

Look at the strange bouquet I picked on my forestwalk today?

Just "growing" in the forest...

Today the sales of consumer explosives started again... haha!
In this age of brutal "safety measures" against terrorists it seems really weird to give the dirtiest,most damaging gunpowder from China to all the happy little citizens , so that they can celebrate  their respect for life together by blowing it up.

Humans! You gotta love the way they think!  ;-)

Christmas Presents!

24 Dec 2017

Gifts around the Yule feast can taken many diverse forms!
As a gift for Jenny this year, I shaved off my moustache and trimmed my beard back to a simple goatee :-)
It feels a little cold on the lips BUT:
Her gift to me is lots and lots of sweet non-bushy kisses!

Have a great holiday season!
Share the warmth with your loved ones... that's what its all about :-)

Seasonz Greenthingz!

What is Wisdom?

20 Dec 2017

Yesterday Jenny posted a serious "meaningfull" message about wolves...

sometimes we like YOU to think ...

This pic has nothing to do with this blog...
just a random festival pic with a pretty owl :-)

What is wisdom and where do you find it?
Greenz and deeper thoughts

Ps:we're resting today after the long road from amazing Czechia and Slovakia

Things that make Jenny angry...

18 Dec 2017

During a stop on the German highway in the beautiful Harz area I noticed a magazine with a beautiful wolf on the cover. Nice! I thought. Then my mind noticed the name of this mag (Jäger; "hunter") and reading on, was soon baffled by the words that illustrated the content of this issue. For the people who don't understand German, here is a translation (although not perfect, you get the idea; any native German speakers please offer a better one if you want to):

"Return of the big predator"

OMNIA finds Jesus!

17 Dec 2017


And now we finally understand the miracle of the birth of Christ!
Isn't it simply AMAZING how in a desert country full of Palastinians a small white, blond,blue eyed child was born!?
Wow! That's so cool!
(No wonder there are so many christians ;-) )

Greenthingz and irony

Pic by Sas

After the show there's the afterparty ;-)

17 Dec 2017

While our crew and bandmembers go forth to drink as much alcohol as they possibly can while soaking up the cheers and adoration of the masses of OMNIA fans , Stenny needs peace after a show, to get back down to earth after channeling all our energy to YOU! 

Many people always ask us why we hardly ever go to the "afterparties" that are arranged for us. And they are sometimes disappointed that they don't see us there... that's because What Jenny and me do on Stage is not an Act. What we do is Real and it costs us an enormous amount of Chi / life energy every time we do this.