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OMNIA in Praha!!

16 Dec 2017

Tonight the last show of the year at MeetFactoryin Praha! 
Be there! 

Greenzzzz OMNIA

Shaman of Chaos...

15 Dec 2017

Heya Heya! Only One way of living ;-)
Tonight we bring the Ritual PaganFolkRock to Zlin (CZ)!

Pic by the excellent Morgoth


14 Dec 2017

Serious men, doing serious business...

Preparing for the show in the Majestic Music Club in Bratislava! 

Greenz and PaganFolk,


Cheers Slovakia!

13 Dec 2017


We're checking out the Slovakian spirit in the beautifull Bratislavan hotel bar (while the boys are out roaming about on the local christmas market)
Tomorrow we play the first of our final clubshows of 2017 in the "Majestic Music Club".

We happy :-)
YOU happy?

Enjoy and relax...

Keep your Eyes on the Road

13 Dec 2017

"Keep your Eyes on the Road and your hands upon the wheel"

Yesterday we burned about 8 hours
of motorway, today another 6 hours or so of roadrage and we arrive in Bratislava for to play some real PaganFolk musick at the Majestic music club ;-)
Let it Roll baby Rollllllll....

I must say I'll miss playing far flung foreign festivals and clubs next year... but I'm certainly not gonna miss the motorway madness!

Greenz and inner Peace

New OMNIA-Raven T-shirts and Hoodies have arrived!

10 Dec 2017

YES! We've just put a whole bunch of EVEN MORE new OMNIA merchandise in our webshop with the new "Mystic Raven" and Howling Wolf" designs!
You asked for got it!
We got new OMNIA-Raven/wolf uni-sex Hoodies! (S,M,L and XL)
We got new OMNIA-Raven T-shirts!              (S, M, L and XL)
We got new OMNIA-Raven Ladies T-shirts!   in (S,M,L and XL)

New OMNIA-Raven Ladies Hoodie!

8 Dec 2017

Winter is coming?... Winter is here!
Time for a nice new soft warm OMNIA Hoodie! the special "ladies version" that Jenny is wearing here.

available NOW!

If you want to have more info about what's printed on it and how you can get it...  go to our WEBSHOP!

"My Raven's eye sees All"

Greenthingz in the snow!

Evil Squirrel of Chaos!

5 Dec 2017

One of our fuzzy tree buddies ripped an old bone with a chaos star tied to it out of our "shambles"... which is... erm... sort of a holy "garden decoration"

He ran off with it and looked so cute gnawing on that old bone... untill I took this picture and suddenly saw it ...differently! Tum Tum Tum Taaaaaaaaaaah!

Greenz and keep smiling!
Shaman SteveSic