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Evil Squirrel of Chaos!

5 Dec 2017

One of our fuzzy tree buddies ripped an old bone with a chaos star tied to it out of our "shambles"... which is... erm... sort of a holy "garden decoration"

He ran off with it and looked so cute gnawing on that old bone... untill I took this picture and suddenly saw it ...differently! Tum Tum Tum Taaaaaaaaaaah!

Greenz and keep smiling!
Shaman SteveSic

"I sing my pain up to the Moon" 2

4 Dec 2017

after one and a half years waiting... Finally OMNIA has some new goodies coming in!
this is the first one:
The OMNIA-WOLF patch! available in our webshop HERE :-)

look out for more stuff arriving in the coming week ;-) !!

Ravens and Wolves... just like us

3 Dec 2017

These wonderous fellow creatures are the spirit level by which I measure the struggle between Nature (the planet/ the Bio-sphere) and her unfortunate skin disease (Humanity).

Pockets of Peace :-)

20 Nov 2017

I want to tell you something important about the future of OMNIA please SHARE this news:

Jenny and me have decided to do something wondrous and new because the time is ripe for it and we simply have to.
The world, the enviroment and the human condition is changing very fast around us and we need to adapt with it in a positive way to give it a positive twist ;-)

the OMNIA 2018 "Celtic World" Theatre Tour :-)

8 Nov 2017

OMNIA has been busy practicing the upcoming theatre tour, which we will be playing in the Dutch theatres in februari and March of 2018. For this very special tour our old friend Joe Hennon will be re-joining OMNIA with his amazing magical dadgad-guitar playing bringing back the old-school vibe of our original PaganFolk Musick (like you can hear in the songs we recorded on the genre defining albums: "Crone of War" , "PaganFolk" and "Alive!")