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Call of the Celtic Wyld!

31 Aug 2017

This coming Saturday 2nd of september we are playing a Special super-Celtic concert at the lovely
CELTIC NIGHT festival in Geluwe (Belgium) check it HERE

We're really happy that we will be playing back to back with our dear talian friends of Emian

This is a looooong thursday!

25 Aug 2017


You fly from Amsterdam NL in the morning and then after numerous security checks , 10 hours of hurtling through the sky in a metal tube a few miles above the ground , many more security checks , you arrive in Portland USA on the morning of the same day!? 
This is one looong thursday!
And Jetlagg
And then there was beer
Greenthingz and

Reaching for the Light.

20 Aug 2017


Look at this tiny lizzard... 
I can see that she has thoughts, fears, longing, hope etc...
just like me.
Is my life more important than hers?
Is her life more important than mine?

Or is it that we are all simply creatures of the same creative universe striving to live a good Life?


Pic by Rincewind