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CD Musick & Poëtree (2011)

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"Musick and Poëtree" has a very special, fresh new sound combined with a more "old school" attitude, true to the original roots and concepts that started OMNIA in the first place.

Time is running out for this crazy world filled with human-monkey madness and OMNIA Musick and Poëtree adresses this problem and offers solutions as well as comfort for the other monkeys...


Musick and Poëtree is a unique new concept, namely a "2 disc-album" (2 discs = 1 album).
The 1st disc ("Musick") contains 5 up-beat OMNIA songs (playing time 21 minutes) recorded in Lava Studio Denmark. New songs like "I don't speak Human" and "Free" express the same OMNIA ideals of respect for nature and personal freedom that fans worldwide have come to know and love...only stronger!

The 2nd disc ("Poëtree") contains 7 gentler, more dreamy, Bardic pieces with a deep emotional meaning for Stenny themselves. Songs they have grown up with or that have inspired them to live like they do....

Ranging from European traditionals like the swedish "Gröne Lunden" to interpretations of 20th century classics like the German "Lili Marleen", the Dutch "het Dorp", Tenacious D's "Fuck her gently" and Nick Cave's "Mercy seat". These works have been played and recorded by Stenny in a very intimate and pure setting, completely solo and in one take! This disc also has a playing time of 21 minutes, making the total playing time of OMNIA Musick and Poëtree 42 minutes.

Both discs are available together in a beautifully illustrated Digipak made by Steve Sic and OMNIA-art veteran Fieke/, featuring original art from internationally-acclaimed wildlife artists Renso Tamse and Marjolein Kruijt


OMNIA "Musick"

1. Free (3:28) 
2. Stand Up (4:08) 
3. Fee Ra Huri (3:48)
4. I Don't Speak Human (4:37) 
5. Xtatica (4:28)

OMNIA "Poëtree"

1. Gröne Lunden (3:47)
2. Fuck Her Gently (2:09)
3. Who Are You? (2:52)
4. Lili Marleen (2:42)
5. Het Dorp (3:20)
6. Mercy Seat (3:26)

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