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CD Naked Harp (2015)

A beautifull and timeless musickal journey into the realms of Dreams and Faery for all lovers of OMNIA,... more...

CD Earth Warrior (2014)

OMNIA's revolutionary CD!

"really the best album they have EVER made" 

"an absolutely... more...

CD Live On Earth (2012)

This unique Live CD is the product of more than 15 years of artistic work, creating and developing the new... more...

OMNIA Est Chaos T-shirt

Chaos is Creativity,
... more...

CD World of Omnia (2009)

'World of Omnia' is a document of OMNIA's past, present, and future.

... more...


"Musick and Poëtree" has a very special, fresh new sound combined with a more "old school" attitude, true... more...

CD Alive! (2007)

Everyone dies....This is a fact of life...One we all have to learn sometime during our stay on this world... more...

Earth Warrior T-shirt

Want to show your dedication as an Earth Warrior and a OMNIA fan?
Wear this cool shirt and impress... more...

Earth Warrior Lacy Top

Show your inner Earth Warrior on the outside by wearing this tastefully seductive top for any girl or... more...

OMNIA Ivy Leaf Wide Bracer

A beautiful wide and sturdy leather wristband decorated with the iconic OMNIA "Ivy Leaves"  as well as the... more...

OMNIA Elegant Leather Wristband

Our latest shipment of wristbands was delivered to us by storm; so all the leaves fell off!
A very... more...

OMNIA Ivy Leaf Elegant Leather Wristband

A very elegant and light-leather wristband decorated with the iconic OMNIA "Ivy Leaves"  as well as the... more...