NEW!! Improved Anthropo-planet! Welcome to YOUR future!

13 Apr 2019

Yes! you too can be the proud owner of this NEW IMPROVED "anthropo-planet"!!
No more waiting for months for those pesky old fashioned seasons to change gradually! Nope! That's not neccessary at all with NEW improved "Anthropo-planet" you get ALL seasons in One Day! With exiting NEW possibilities!
Temperature drops of 25 degrees and more within 24hours!
Snow and Blossom together at last!
Drought or Flooding?
Ice storms or Heatwaves?
Rising seas or desert mountains?

On new improved Anthropo-planet it's ALL possible!

Time for Change? (I'm late! I'm late!)

5 Apr 2019

I'm sitting on my porch looking at the sunset as I write this, absorbing the warblings and tweets of my feathered neighbours and peacefully writing a few more words to YOU.

Spring Equinox

22 Mar 2019

The balance between night and day has been rolled to the point that the days are getting longer again, renewing life springs vibrant all around us, birds sing unimaginably beautifull concertos, mice rummage between the roots of awakening sleepy trees, squirrels, pregnantly plump with new life much tonnes of food and frolick in the branches, ravens crock crock crocking overhead, frogs “going at it” like drugged-fuelled bohemians at a sixties free-love orgy, pumping out eggs like their going out of fashion…

"Let's talk about the weather blog" and tasty social rant- all in one

15 Mar 2019

...take your time to read it.. this is not a quicky.

now with cheesy subtitle!:  
 "the Times are a' changin'  :-) "

Now that's something that you must have heard a lot before, right?
... the Times are changing...
From the earliest antique writings bemoaning the noise and unrest of "modern life" in the days of togas and giant fecking bath houses ... all the way to last century's tacky hippy popsongs and today's ubiquitous social commentators.

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

20 Feb 2019

It's Jenny's Birthday today!

So here's some news that I think is worthwhile switching on the computer for and sharing with YOU on social media.
My beautifull Love Jenny has survived another year on this beautifull planet and this makes us very happy!
I wish you all peace and love on this day (something we are having aswell now!)

Greenthingz and Heya Heya NatureLove!
Steve Sic (and ofcourse Jenny!)

Love among the trees...

11 Feb 2019

See? You were RIGHT!
Here's another blog for YOU... with love.
You guys are very convincing when you want to be, thank YOU so much for ALL the positive and heartwarming and thought-provoking reactions to my last personal blog post here! I read EVERYTHING you wrote (fuckin' took a while!) and I had to dry a tear or surpres a loud manic laugh every now and then... (I'm a noisy emotional reader :-P )
So ... long story slightly shorter...


20 Jan 2019

Today was a proper frosty fresh crispy crunchy day in the forest, the winter sun bore down like wave of life onto a scene of sparkling awesomeness filling us with joy. We saw three beautifull deer gracefully bound off into cover of the thickets at our clumsy approach (the first we've seen here in more than a year!) A Hawk swooped down and made a kill right in front of us! and at home, hundreds of birds are prowling around in gangs all around our house, enjoying our gifts of food and drink.

It's Spring!

14 Jan 2019

While mountains of Winter snow fall on south-eastern Germany and Martial law is being instated by climatechange denial führer Trump in the FSofA (fascist states of america) ... we have returned to a lovely sunny Spring in Holland!
Here me and my son Damien are admiring all the cute little green shoots and fresh budding leaves on the trees.

Game of Thrones ;-)

11 Jan 2019

(And now for something completely different)

Jenny has apparently become "King in the North" as a member of the Stark family and is about to kick the living shizzle out of our evil friend Kelvin Kalvus "the depraved Lannister" for the control of westeros!
Let's see how this ends up?

And Me?... what I'm doing is observing the action, so that (like the writers of the teevee series) I can jump in with teleporting ravens and "faster than the speed of sound" Dragons to cover up the holes in the plot as they develop during the battle... hehehe!

Happy Climate Change! (Let's talk about the weather: part 10)

8 Jan 2019

We're visiting the east of Germany on the Czech border today as the guests of our old friend Kelvin Kalvus and his wonderfull family.
The weather here is great! Very an arctic kind of way ;-)
(Although I heard that to the south of here, in Bavaria things have gotten REALLY extreme now)

So... let's compare notes again!What is happening where YOU are?

(Don't forget to Mention your city and country!)

Greenthingz under layers of white

Pic by Yeti

On the road again?

6 Jan 2019

The OMNIA-Black Beast-van is packed, we're ready to drive on down the motorways ,just like we have done a 1000 times over the years...
Only now we are not leaving to tour with the band, but rolling through Europe on the next part of our "Quest for Land" to build a physical home for OMNIA and her philosophy of natural life...

Who knows what we'll find this time?

What do YOU think is a good place to build an actual "world of OMNIA"?

Greenthingz and still searching for a home!
Stenny et OMNIA