Erm... Bizarre sexism much?

25 Jun 2019

This is an Austrian motorway toilet... really... no joke.
I just saw it when we stopped for gas.

I'm not sure if it's meant for a pee or a quick (porcelainofile) hand-shandy... but it seriously creeps me out!

I've often had my doubts about Austrians, but this?
sorry to bug you with this, but I just HAD to share this little slice of weird human monkey perversion with you, maybe it's like, really normal and I'm just missing some deeper point here?

Positive vibes on the Darkside...

23 Jun 2019

Are YOU also a depressed enviromentalist?

Do YOU see NO future for this planet with humans pooping all over it?

Is YOUR planetary conscience riddled with remorse, making you permanently sad?

I have a solution for YOU! :
Have you considered joining the Darkside?

The Darkside is GUILT FREE!
It has NO problem with planetary destruction and it just Positively EMBRACES genocide!

(Plus apparently they also have cookies!)

Tempted? Hmmmm?

Duty calls!

22 Jun 2019

For so it is written in the cthonic Book of Chaos: chapter 3 , verse 9:

"You first duty to life is to live free and to enjoy the ride..."

Are YOU enjoying the ride?


Greenthingz, Artists and Muzes

Ps: So... As you can clearly see by the picture, we kinda ended up back in Slovenia instead of Croatia , because we just couldn't stay away (I think we're in love)
Can you see which city we are in?


17 Jun 2019

As you can see we're back in the Blackbeast rolling to yet another weird and wonderfull place.
After spending a peacefully philosophical time filled with enjoying the satisfaction of exercising physical skills with horse, bow, throwing knives, axes and sparring energetically with various home-made larp weaponry with our old (and new) wild hill-tribe warrior friends in Bulgaria ...

So... about that blogging

12 Jun 2019

We're sorta too busy being free and very happy to blog a lot lately...instead of fingering phones we're roaming the wild hills of Bulgaria on horseback with our friends during the day and playing games and instruments untill night time when we crash-out into our yurt to dream sweet dreamz of nature :-)

But here's a quick note to let you know all's well and groovy in the world of OMNIA and...

We feel very much ALIVE!
How are YOU doing today?

Greenthingz and happy bulgarian horsey sounds!
Stenny and the horseback archery tribe

Chaos Butterfly

7 Jun 2019

I found the butterfly that is responsible for making all those storms that are raging around the world!
So I let her drink up some salt from my skin and rest a while on my hand.
Then I kissed her tenderly on those fragile fractal little wings and let her fly free to carry on with her neccessary and usefull work...

I love Chaos :-)

Greenthingz and interesting theories
Steve Sic

Adventure Quest L.A.R.P.

6 Jun 2019

Today we left the Sylvan embrace of the Slovenian wildwoods to travel to meet our centaur friends, the natural-horseriding, archery and yurt dwelling Bulgarians of the wyld hills ;-)
It's quite a few miles to drive the trusty "black beast" to the green feet of the Balkan mountains, so after passing through Hrvatska (Croatia) today we will set up camp for the night in Serbia.
(Let's hope we find some friendly natives who are willing to put up a couple of vagabond adventure seekers on their land)

Symbolic Art...

31 May 2019

I drew this today and wanted to share it with you... hope you like it :-)
so, do YOU have any home made Art to show us?

Greenthingz Art and timeless Archetypes

Nothing is Sacred..only Nature

30 May 2019

In the wild we experience a deepness of spiritual satisfaction that no amount of human-made-entertainment could ever provide.

Live Wild, live Natural, be Free!

Things to do on a rainy day

29 May 2019

As the clouds release a deluge of unseasonal rain water from the impressively clouded Slovenian sky, we have taken shelter in a really cute, cosy little wooden hut, where we fill our time with the solace and joy that playing new musick brings.
Jenny's eloquent fingers dance lightly over her beautifull African Kora (which she got from the amazing Gambian artist Sona Jobarteh...check her out)
While I'm putting my rusty, stiff old fingers through some much needed practice on my dear little Celtic Harp...

Just my little joke ;-)

26 May 2019

I wonder if this picture will get as many likes as yesterdays blog :-)
(Which was removed by censorship)

Heyoka Sic

Nothing is Sacred...only Nature

25 May 2019

In the wild we experience a deepness of spiritual satisfaction that no amount of human-made-entertainment could ever provide.

Live Wild, live Natural, be Free!

Real Adventure! (How brave are YOU?)

23 May 2019

We feel the need to hasten our personal and spiritual "Epic Quest for a new OMNIA-home" a bit...

It's taking too long to find
"that perfect place", we're getting restless.Human insanity is growing ,we need to act soon.

So, In a quite brutal effort to lay the fire beneath our own heels, we have SOLD our Stennystudio in Holland... yup... it's true, the little Pagan Stenny house in the shrinking dutch forest soon has a new owner and will be just another part of OMNIA's long and varied history (like the Pagan Attic!)

Bumblebee and blossom

19 May 2019

When you find an exhausted bumblebee you feed it something sweet (like nectar) until she revives...

When you find an exhausted bumblebee who has a damaged wing and will not survive, you feed it something sweet like nectar and give it love and keep it company until it dies...

This is our way.

All natural life has thoughts, feelings a "soul" and is sacred,
no matter what size it is,
by sharing our emotions and perceptions with each other we become truly Alive...