OMNIA Theatre tour starts tomorrow!

15 Feb 2018

Where we will be playing mainly very OLD OMNIA songs during this "Celtic World" tour!

There will be at least 5 songs from "Crone of War", 4 from "PaganFolk", 4 from "Alive!" and 3 from "WolfLove" in this Theatre set! ...

plus some other bits and pieces of OMNIA weirdness we like!





ps: Crone of War is now available on I-Tunes etc.


10 Feb 2018

As you may have read in our newsletter we're auctioning off rare OMNIA collectors items which have been take out of print over the years at EACH of the shows on our upcoming theatre tour.
You can make a bid for these items at our merchandise stand during every show of this tour.
and the highest bidder ofcourse gets to take the prized item(s) home!.

the following collectors items will be made available at EACH of the 15 Theatre venues during this coming tour:

Say "hi" to Yorick!

9 Feb 2018

Let me introduce The longest performing Omnia member!
(Well... apart from me that is)
Yorick has been with OMNIA since BEFORE the very beginning (my son Damien Raven used to play with him as a baby ... and he was already a member of the monks of "Chaos in Motion" back in the day!)

He's never complained or moaned about hard work, never demanded more money or hassled me with lawyers, never had "Diva" or ego problems and never played or sung out of tune!
Yorick has always done his job diligently with a permanent cheery smile on his face!

Let's talk about Sensual Art :-)

8 Feb 2018

This is one of Jenny and my favourite paintings called "Hylas and the Nymphs"
by one our absolute favourite Artists (John William Waterhouse 1849 – 1917) which was BANNED and removed from the public view by the Manchester museum for being too "erotic and shocking" (!?)

Thankfully, after MANY MANY complaints, they have re-hung it now! (the museum spokesperson said it was "just an experiment to bring about a discussion"…yeah right).

Let's talk about the weather pt.2!

6 Feb 2018

Thank you so much for sharing your (extremely unseasonal) weather situation and concerns on the "Let's talk about the weather" blog I posted on january 30th. It was... shocking.
(If you haven't read it please scroll back to that post and read it now ESPECIALLY all the comments by all of YOU)


5 Feb 2018

Please don't worry because I told you that we will soon play our last THEATRE tour :-)
It doesn't mean that we will stop playing concerts at all!
Ofcourse not! :-)

It just means that because the the world is changing we will change with it  (which also means the way we will perform concerts in the future)

Change can be a positive thing, Change opens up new paths... but ofcourse we cannot change what we truly are... Musicians and Heyoka ...we just want to adapt to how we do things in the future ... just like nature has to adapt aswell.

Miss Harp 1999

3 Feb 2018

Look what I found! This is from 1999 I think...
Before I met Steve, before I joined OMNIA (yes, I had a musical life before the band ;-) ). This pic was used for advertising myself as a harpplayer for weddings and such (that's what you do as a solo harpplayer).
Now I know that many of you also play the harp. If you have facebook, go there and post a a picture of yourself with your harp there! Let's see how many harpplaying freaks we have (and if you see this post and know someone who plays harp and likes Omnia, let them know about it).

Guess who's back!

31 Jan 2018

The Oldschool PaganFolk classic OMNIA-"CRONE OF WAR" CD
(from 2004)

Will be available again in stores and from our webshop starting tomorrow! (February 1st 2018)

Greenthingz and Caw!Caw!Caw!

Let's Talk about the Weather!

30 Jan 2018

What's YOUR weather like?, I would really like to know :-)

The weather/climate change is speeding up exponentially... with weird temperature fluctuations following each other at an increasingly faster rate.
I've been telling this tale for the last 27 years or so ... and no one used to believe me! You know, I even used to get laughed at and argued with because of it ;-) hahaha! (Who's laughing now? ...ahem)

But because I have always been able to listen to Nature better than mutated Monkeys I never let the blinkered "head in the sand" attitude of all the "blind normals" discourage me!

So here we are now... it's 2018!
Earth/Gaya is stomping the HumanMonkey Asses a bit more each year. Heavy violent (unexpected and unseasonal) Hurricane winds (Storm winds blow on the Golden Barley!!) 
Which are destroying a lot more than just thousands of beautifull trees...
Torrential rains and flooding here,  Extreme drought and watershortage there...
Arctic Cold  aswell as Desert heat in various temperate regions?!
Disease and decay getting into the fabric of life.

You still might not want to hear it, but I'm really sorry to say it's going to get worse each year... you had best be prepared.

That is because our Mother, the living Earth, is Sick , she is infected with a terrible and deadly disease called:
 "Homo Sapiens Sapiens"