Cornish Celt

1 Oct 2018

Looking into the distance ... looking into the past... remembering
The rugged Cornish coast on the Atlantic ocean where I grew up has a timelessness which  touches and re-awakens my heart.

The ancient celtic peninsula of Cornwall has such a hold on me still...
hmmm?... maybe I should write a song about it?  ;-)

Greenthingz "one and all"!

Shaman SteveSic


30 Sep 2018

Feeling the vibe of the ancient land of the Celts...
Revisiting the land where I grew up, together with my son Damien and letting the Atlantic Ocean winds, tearing over the cliffs, clear away the cobwebs from our minds :-)

Greenthingz and nostalgia!

Pic by Damien Raven

Hambi Stays!!!

25 Sep 2018

Please help our friends in Germany who are trying to save the Hambacher Forest.
The Hambacher Forst is an ancient forest near the city of Cologne (Germany). This autumn, the forest is to be clear cut in order to expand a climate-destroying open pit coal mine...

OMNIA on stage

22 Sep 2018

Even though this pic seems grey
beneath are colours bright and gay!

Greenz and Rainbowz!

(that's a metaphore for life really isn't it?)

Great Mabon everybody!

21 Sep 2018

It's the time to give thanx to Nature and the Spirits for the Harvests we have gathered…

And Judging by the weather here in Holland
Humankind has sowed the seeds of doom
And Now they may harvest the storm!

Greenthingz and Nature Power!

Meet Asaya

20 Sep 2018

A beautiful young mare who had lots of energy left after working with Vladimir Mustakerski during his workhop today!

(Our Bulgarian Horse Master friend is in Holland to give workshops which lift a little bit of the veil on the ‘Be with Me’ method he has developed. They are completely sold out but he might be back…if you are interested in what makes this man and his way with horses so special, check it out HERE)

Greenthingz Stenny

Thank you to everyone that came to see, hear and experience the OMNIA Collective at the Festival Mediaval shows in Aš and Selb!

17 Sep 2018

We loved meeting you, seeing our old (& new) friends and of course playing for you on that kickass stage! :)

Many of you have flooded us with AWESOME pictures of our latest 2 performances and, after being back and regaining our energy a little by now, we've sorted through them and made some new galleries on our website for you to enjoy!
(and added some fitting descriptions to them, let's see if you can find them!)

Which ones are YOUR favourites or do you have any additions? Let us know in the comments! ;)

Check out the new GALLERIES HERE

Pic by Photography / Skulls n Gears

The OMNIA COLLECTIVE rocks the mainstage at 19:00!

10 Sep 2018

We will play the freakiest OMNIA show EVER! Afterwards we party like Pagans!!!
And the day after we would love to meet you all at the Signing Session at the OMNIA merch stand on Saturday 8 September at 15:30!!


Pic by the great Zouberi