Tooth and Horn!

1 Jun 2018

Raaaaahhhh!!! Sometimes (many times) I get so fucking angry at the stupid cruel and self-righteous monkeys who are destroying our beautifull world. All the billions of my animal brothers and sisters who are tortured in concrete cells and cages across the world all for the sake of MONEY! I wish I had weapons to fight all this injustice and misery with!


30 May 2018

So, we heard you like our customised eco-shirts?
Well, have them! :-)

Survive the climate change induced heatwave confidently stylish by getting one of our UNIQUE, HANDCRAFTED tops and make all your friends jealous!

All shirts are part of a LIMITED EDITION and were designed & crafted by Spike, especially for YOU!
There is four designs available of which at least one is suitable for both lads and lasses, available sizes are (for now) S and L - if you like it enough, we might make more... ;-)



29 May 2018

Check your mailboxes (and, just in case, also your spam folder!) and indulge in the latest version of our newsletter!

This one's crammed with Updates, Recipes, Runelore and more wicked stuff!

Cawww cawww!

The RavenTeam et OMNIA

Picture of Morrigan and Quoth by Raven

Iron-Age Celtic Warriors!

28 May 2018

Tomorrow is FullMoon so a new Raventimes will be published!

Wanna read it? Subscribe on our website and you will get it for free!

Greenthingz and honour!

"I'm a blood and bone Heya Heya Primitive CaveMan"

26 May 2018

"I can talk to the Trees but I don't speak Human..."

Our Song "Caveman", taken from our latest release "Reflexions", is NOW online on Youtube!
Listen to it down below!

Hokahey on shaman wingz!



Rescued Rose...

24 May 2018

Can you understand why people throw away plants in the garbage? Don't they realise they are living beings? I found this lovely rose (with just a few leaves, dried out in a tiny pot) a few months ago, temperature below zero, in a garbage dumpster. Of course I took it with me and nursed it back to health, first indoors and then outdoors. Now it has rewarded us with a gorgeous flower which smells great too!

Do YOU also rescue plants?

More Pagan Percussion Wanted!

19 May 2018

Do YOU want to play with OMNIA?

We're gathering extra musicans to join our new upcoming OMNIA stage project this september on Festival Mediaval and we're looking for an extra percussionist to join us on stage :-)
Jenny and me have a long custom of recruiting new OMNIA members from our fan-community, so now we feel this is again a great opportunity to give to one of YOU the chance to join us on stage! (if you've "got the skills", that is!) :-)

Let's talk about the weather! (Part3)

17 May 2018

It's full on Summer in Denmark! Yesterday the temperature reached a roasting 40degrees celcius in the backgarden of Maria's house here.
The flowers are blooming like crazy, the sun shines bright in an azure sky :-)... It feels great!... but also... kinda wrong.
Denmark has already had more summer this year than the last years and it's still spring.
And we're getting a nice tan...
Apparently this week it was warmer in Finland than in Gran Canaria?
Changing seasons...
So... how about YOU?

Girl Power!

14 May 2018

Just some Musical friends in sexy skirts posing together in the sun ;-)
Maybe they could perform together some day?

Greenthingz and hot fun!

Creative Chaos and Change!

13 May 2018

We're sad to tell you that Rob and Daphyd will be leaving the OMNIA band this year, we would like to thank them for adding their musical skills to OMNIA these last 7 years and we wish them all the best with "Thundercrow" :-)

BUT, what does that mean for OMNIA?

Well...listen... This year we will only play on one festival, which takes place in two countries! (Czechia and Germany) and because this is such a special occasion for us, we want to celebrate this "one time only" ritual show by doing something VERY special that we've been wanting to do for years!


12 May 2018

 ...but Not ours! :-)

We're assisting our friends of Heilung with a photoshoot in the beautifull countryside and coast of Denmark!
"OMNIA's Pagan band-catering" team are go!

Greenthingz and healthy food!