Shamanic Art

15 Sep 2019

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Available in sizes S,M,L,XL and XXL

Greenthingz in black and white!

Ps: all our shirts are 100% organic cotton, silkscreen printed in Holland by well paid craftsmen (NOT poisoned textiles ,mass made in china by exploited slaves which seems to be the norm for bandshirts nowadays)


9 Sep 2019

"Nothing is Sacred... Only Nature"

You asked for it... We listen to you...
so here it is!

The all new 100% organic cotton OMNIA Tshirt!

Printed front AND back!
Available NOW, from our webshop HERE.

In sizes S,M,L,XL and for the bigger people this time also in XXL!

Designed by Steve Sic

Greenthingz in black and white!

The PaganFolkLore Fairytale DVD book!

8 Sep 2019

There are only 19 of these very rare vintage OMNIA PaganFolkLore / Fairytale books still available!
Written and illustrated by Steve Sic
All signed!

Want one? Want to support the World of OMNIA?

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Naked free...

5 Sep 2019 canoe

Have paddle in hand,

Me know what do...

keep boat going,

though current strong

Even when World Fucked,

We keep keeping on!

Greenthingz and Metaphore

Pic by Jenny


1 Sep 2019

Would YOU like to sponsor OMNIA and also get hold of the last remaining collector’s items from OMNIA’s long history up to now?
Here’s your chance!
We are doing this as a form of simple “crowd funding” without all the extra “whistles, bells and whatnot” usually associated with these thingz ;)

CyberShaman OMNIA patch!

31 Aug 2019

There are only 22 vintage OMNIA CYBERSHAMAN patches left
in the world!

Want one? Want to support the World of OMNIA?

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30 Aug 2019

THE new OMNIA CD back in 2003 was this one!
The extremely rare first OMNIA "3" CD featuring JENNY!
We stopped printing and selling them many many years ago...
We've kept a VERY limited amount
(39 total!!) of these unique first pressings in storage for ALL these years... maybe for YOU?

We signed all these musickal monuments of OMNIA's looong history and They will be made available to fans and collectors through our worldofomnia website-shop!

Earth Warrior protest!

27 Aug 2019

One of the simpler "ways of the EarthWarrior" open to everyone, is to exercise your right to demonstrate against injustice to the Earth...
Stenny will be doing our small bit by publicly demonstrating in Ljubliana together with many noble slovenian citizens and organisations on saturday against the ridiculous proposals of the Slovenian government to allow the cold blooded murder of innocent Wolves and Bears who still live here in the wild.
Hopefully this will help to sway the minds of failing modern governments to this simple important fact:

This is the "World of OMNIA"

26 Aug 2019

It contains a bed, a pagan travel kitchen, a bunch of instruments ,many ,many songs and a universe of Musick... in fact:

226 recorded songs!
(That's the right answer!
Actual total is 227 omnia tracks on cd/dvd but 1 is a track on Live Religion which is not a song... so 226!

117 are Original OMNIA songs (of which 7 are covers)
17 are reworked versions
10 are Re-written Remixes
9 are pure remixes
51 are live recordings or live videos
22 are rereleased versions

That's as close as we got!

OMNIA QUIZ!! (With a prize!)

23 Aug 2019

Test your OMNIA knowledge!
How many songs has OMNIA recorded and published on CD in total?
(Do YOU actually know ALL the OMNIA songs?)

If you can tell us the correct amount, YOU can win a priceless OMNIA collectors item!

Greenz and many many many songz!
Stenny on the Road

OMNIA signed Collectors items!

21 Aug 2019

We've cleared out our storage space and found a big pile of old original-print OMNIA CD's which are not for sale anymore!
We have already auctioned off a few of these items at live-shows last year, and now we've decided to put them all up in our webshop to share these living monuments of OMNIA's long history with YOU!

Original print: vintage shirts, stickers, patches , Cd's like "live Religion" and Sine Missione, WolfLove Including DVD, the Faery Tale book/DVD "PaganFolkLore", and much much more!

Bye bye Stenny Studio!

21 Aug 2019

We've finally emptied our forest house , sold it and it now belongs to someone else.
We've packed all our most beloved things (mostly instruments and art stuff) into the black beast.
All the rest of our stuff we've given away or put into storage.
Now we roll out of here for the last time...
This was the magickal place where we. wrote and recorded all of the purest Paganfolk OMNIA CD's of the past 7 years!
We're sad to leave this home full of memories and all our wildlife friends that remain there...