It ain't real untill it hits the internet...

18 Oct 2022

I don't exist unless I take pictures of myself using a smart phone*** and plastering it online for the world to see.

I stop existing in the public mind  if I do not appear on the interNET

Just "being" is not important anymore, you have to "appear to be" on the web o' lies...

So here I am, on caught on the web...  I exist... or at least I appear to. (maybe I'm dead)

sadly for you, I cannot photoshop my pictures anymore, because I cannot be arsed... so you just see my ugly mug, just as I am.

"Rock and Roll-Over" (It's funny , because it's TRUE!!)

13 Oct 2022

I had to share this hilarious cartoon by Bob with you!


because the whole commercial "Metal/Pagan/hard-Rock" scene which was pretending to be "anti establishment" and "alternative" turned out to be MEGA-MainStream (duh..)

just like "Just a Barbie"Justin Bieber! ...

Lot's of noise. lots of fake attitude, lots of plastic costume and fake electronic enhancements...

No Guts, No BALLS, No Backbone... 

Roasting chestnuts on the fire...

9 Oct 2022

You reap what you sow, ***

It's Harvest time again!
on TERRA OMNIA we harvest peace , health and Mother Nature's fruits!

despite the escalating war on Nature
Enjoy the season and feel the joy of Life :-)
(fuck the NWO)

Happy Autumn thoughts and Greenthingz!


*** ok, so we didn't sow our chestnut trees... Nature did ;-) ... they are over a hundred years old!

OMNIA - Bran (2022)

17 Sep 2022

BRAN means "RAVEN" in the ancient Cymraeg language.

This piece of classic PaganFolk symbolizes the majestic flight of the Raven. The video was made entirely on location at TERRA OMNIA where the heart of OMNIA has found a home! This 40 acre Homestead, where the wild Ravens live in freedom together with OMNIA, was made possible for 100% by the PaganFolk musick of OMNIA and YOUR support through the years... (thank you!)


15 Sep 2022

OMNIA back in the studio!

Spreading Life, Natural Love and Happiness through Musick is what we do, it is what we ARE.

Often words are not necessary,

but good vibrations and positive intentions held within the folds of pure acoustic Pagan Folk musick speak volumes straight to the soul...


28 Aug 2022

Happiness is something that resides in everyone's core.
Happiness is a basic state of humanity.

If our Mothers were fit and healthy and more importantly  NOT too poisoned by the bad food, living conditions and even worse "vaccines" and "medicines" that the parasites infest our world with,
then we were ALL born as happy babies!

Health and Happiness :-)

22 Aug 2022

These are two of the fundamental "drives" for all good people on this world ... Health and Happiness; the state of one is dependant on the other and vice versa and without them it's hard to have a complete and fullfilling life.

BRAN (Raven)

6 Aug 2022

The most CLASSIC OMNIA composition.

In an ever-changing world, some things remain the same.

“Bran” is the title of the first musical piece Jenny and me EVER composed together…
20 years ago this autumn!

It was written in Love for Life, for Nature and for each other.

We wrote it while living in a big dirty city, dreaming and longing for a life of freedom amongst the wylde woods, where the Ravens fly majestic to the rythm of the Earth.
Imagining living among them far from the madness of mutant monkeys.

Do YOU ever question your reality?

29 Jul 2022

Do you ever wonder about the world you inhabit and the simple fact what it actually looks like?

what shape is it?

Because You cannot actually SEE the world from the outside personally,
YOU must trust the information and images you have been given your whole life since childhood by... euh... by the nice people who actually own the military industrial complex that rules the world.

Like this fascinating picture made by NASA artists of the fabled continent of Antarctica,

the legendary "bottom of the Globe"

Beautifull isn't it?

This is ... Reality

19 Jul 2022

here's another wonderfully candid Bob Moran look at "the new normal"

Hugz and keep laughing at those fuckers!

Shaman Steve Sic

To Know, is that you know Nothing...that is the meaning of true knowledge!

17 Jul 2022

You are never too old too learn new things are you?
So many people believe they really "KNOW" what reality is, what disease is, what economic reality is, what history is, what "science" is..what "world leaders, globalists and philanthropists" REALLY are etc. etc..

I used to think I knew a lot (before the Corona theatre and the world media  take-over started to gear up into higher a higher population and culture kill-modus).

microcosm in a macrocosm

8 Jul 2022

We are living in a bubble, a small contained island of peace amid the ongoing "War on Nature"
(the most mis-understood and hidden bank-supported-war of them all)

In our litle island of peace, Nature is still the benevolent provider and healer of all things ,

she gives us existence and wants us to be free and happy.

In the Kingdom of the BLIND, The ONE-EYED (PYRAMID) is king

18 Jun 2022

(and TWO eyed who can see, are called "conspiracy theorists")

I didn't believe in chemtrails untill I personally saw them blocking out the sun

I didn't believe in the Cabal's Banks untill I personally saw them take cash and replace it with data

I didn't believe in governmental genocide untill I personally saw them poisoning old folks and kiddies

I didn't believe in Jewish run media untill I personally saw the manipulation games they play

I didn't believe in the new world order untill I personally saw them steal and destroy our freedom