Miss Harp 1999

3 Feb 2018

Look what I found! This is from 1999 I think...
Before I met Steve, before I joined OMNIA (yes, I had a musical life before the band ;-) ). This pic was used for advertising myself as a harpplayer for weddings and such (that's what you do as a solo harpplayer).
Now I know that many of you also play the harp. If you have facebook, go there and post a a picture of yourself with your harp there! Let's see how many harpplaying freaks we have (and if you see this post and know someone who plays harp and likes Omnia, let them know about it).

Guess who's back!

31 Jan 2018

The Oldschool PaganFolk classic OMNIA-"CRONE OF WAR" CD
(from 2004)

Will be available again in stores and from our webshop starting tomorrow! (February 1st 2018)

Greenthingz and Caw!Caw!Caw!

Let's Talk about the Weather!

30 Jan 2018

What's YOUR weather like?, I would really like to know :-)

The weather/climate change is speeding up exponentially... with weird temperature fluctuations following each other at an increasingly faster rate.
I've been telling this tale for the last 27 years or so ... and no one used to believe me! You know, I even used to get laughed at and argued with because of it ;-) hahaha! (Who's laughing now? ...ahem)

But because I have always been able to listen to Nature better than mutated Monkeys I never let the blinkered "head in the sand" attitude of all the "blind normals" discourage me!

So here we are now... it's 2018!
Earth/Gaya is stomping the HumanMonkey Asses a bit more each year. Heavy violent (unexpected and unseasonal) Hurricane winds (Storm winds blow on the Golden Barley!!) 
Which are destroying a lot more than just thousands of beautifull trees...
Torrential rains and flooding here,  Extreme drought and watershortage there...
Arctic Cold  aswell as Desert heat in various temperate regions?!
Disease and decay getting into the fabric of life.

You still might not want to hear it, but I'm really sorry to say it's going to get worse each year... you had best be prepared.

That is because our Mother, the living Earth, is Sick , she is infected with a terrible and deadly disease called:
 "Homo Sapiens Sapiens"

Steve Sic in 2006...

29 Jan 2018

Time for an old picture!

Taken by Seelendiebstahl in Munich in the year 2006!!

Rainy Greenthings Jenny

CD Artwork Sneak-Preview!

27 Jan 2018

This is a small teaser of the beautifull Artwork for the CD OMNIA "REFLEXIONS" 
You like?

and FYI , here's a list of the OMNIA CD's planned for release in the coming months!

OMNIA- "Crone of War" re-release date = 1st of February 2018

OMNIA-"REFLEXIONS"- "Suck my Flute"single pre-release = 2nd of March 2018

OMNIA-"REFLEXIONS (remixions) full-album release date= 30th of March 2018


pic by Samantha Evans, Graphic design by R von Stade / Sic

OMNIA Cat Picture? ...Whaaaaaa?

25 Jan 2018


Ok, Ok, I realise that "cat pictures" are not what you've come to expect from OMNIA...
but... don't you just love the arty/arrogant/spooky expression in the eyes of Daphyd's cat "Kitler"?!

Makes you really feel (even more) inadequate as a human!

Greenz and random Art!
Shaman SteveSic

Pic by:top cat photographer Daphyd Sens ;-)

Ps: go on then... it's allowed...
now YOU can share YOUR Cat pics with us! (On facebook ;))

Late Night Art!

24 Jan 2018

You know that feeling of "the night time is the right time" when it comes to creativity?
We do....
Many of our best songs were written in the wee hours, and some of Steve Sic's best art has been produced with no regard to his biological clock or levels of serotonine/melatonine. I guess there just is magick in the Night.
So, this is almost live, local time 00:51 am. Steve Sic is giving his Davul a pagan paintjob so it's nice and pretty and 'heya' for our upcoming theatre tour.
Starry greetings!

Yo happy people in the tail-end of 3rd millenium civilisation! ;)

21 Jan 2018


Stenny is taking (another) little break from production work by heading off deeper into nature...
You know how it is: highways to drive, forests to walk, trees to see, important hills to climb!....
Ah the hard life of a rockstar!

Enjoy the day :-)
Greenz and positive vibes

Pic by Jenny


20 Jan 2018

 OMNIA Newsletter

As you might have seen in our recent post, we have launched a new RavenTimes newsletter a few days ago. 

For those who did not subscribe yet, get your chance now! 
Subscribe HERE
And receive the last sent RavenTimes NewsLetter (and future newsletters) in your mailbox in the coming week! 

Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA

there's a NEW RAVENTIMES NEWS LETTER in Your mail!

18 Jan 2018

We've written a new RavenTimes NEWSLETTER , which explains a lot about what we're going to be doing this coming year,The New CD's that are being release,  the upcoming theatre tour, ,the Collector's items you can get, the band line-up change, the upcoming music video  productions and lots more!

Plus... there's a special message from Jenny to YOU

check it out! (if you don't get the Raven times yet, you can subscribe on our worldofomnia home page :-)



OMNIA RARE Collector's Items FOR SALE! (15 Theatre shows = 15 auctions!)

15 Jan 2018

Would YOU like to have an original OMNIA collector's item?

well...We are going to sell a whole bunch of

unique vintage OMNIA items to help us raise money for our new Nature and Musick projects.

We want to give as many of YOU a decent chance to get hold of these very rare and collectable pieces of OMNIA's history.

That's why we have chosen to do this in the form of 15 VERY fair and simple Auctions, which will be held at EVERY OMNIA "Celtic World" THEATRE SHOW during our upcoming tour!! (february and March in Holland)

New CD artwork!

13 Jan 2018

Sneak preview! This will be on the Disc of our upcoming NEW CD :-)

Can you read the title? ;-)

Shaman SteveSic

MORRIGAN, Crone of War Artwork (p)review...

10 Jan 2018

"Over hills and over meadows,
see the Crow fly feel her shadow.
Over woods and over mountains,
searching for a War...
Her wings embrace each strife and battle,
where swords they clash and chariots rattle.
seeking out the one,
who's time has come to take the blade...

Morrigan ancient Crone of War,
I see your face, I'll cry no more.
Morrigan ancient Crone of War,
come lift me on your wings.