3 Sep 2018

If you wanna know how great our time together was on the Festival Mediaval-Aš...
And if you wanna see what the whole giant beautifull OMNIA collective of friends LOOK like on stage together:
Check out the new GALLERY HERE.

But if you want to know what we SOUND like together, then you have to come to the UNIQUE show at the mainstage of Festival Mediaval in Selb coming Friday evening!

Greenthingz and Changing times!
Pic by Bernd Sonntag

OMNIA in the house!

2 Sep 2018

We've all arrived safely in eastern Germany!
(Well... most of us, there are still 3 of us on the road from Denmark who will come later this evening)
The rest of our very international crowd got here from Czech, Belgium, Holland and Bulgaria today!)
Wow we go through a lot to bring you the OMNIA show of a lifetime at Festival Mediaval!

Greenthingz and PaganFolkMadness from the bad Iasl!

From the old to the new :-)

28 Aug 2018

This is a 22 years old Jenny when We had just met (even before she joined OMNIA)

We've been on an amazing artistic spiritual adventure together creating new musick and whole scene all these past years... and YOU were there with us too!
Many things have changed but the ROOT always stays stong and remains the same :-)

We're here, YOU're here...

Coming weekend we'll write yet another exiting new chapter in the Pagan crazy story that is OMNIA, together with a whole bunch of lovable artistic freaks!

We hope to see many of YOU at festival mediaval in Czech and Germany!

and neo- Celtic Pagan Folk

Stenny et OMNIA

Let's talk about the weather pt.4

27 Aug 2018

So the loooong dry extremely hot summer here in our little forest has turned to autumn. Temperature dropped more than 20degrees celcius and brought rain so everything is also starting to grow again?
A LOT of the wild birds and fuzzies are gone... not finding enough food due to the fucked up weather combined with some very nasty viral diseases are
Taking their toll on the wild life...

So what's it like where YOU are?

Greenz and changez!

The latest Issue of the RavenTimes is OUT NOW!

27 Aug 2018

Go check your mailboxes (also the spam folder, just to be sure) and indulge in a good, wholesome read :)

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Your RavenTeam

Pic by the tiny mouse that was sitting in our editors dreads up until moments after this picture was taken..

Climbing Treez...

24 Aug 2018

To Escape monkey insanity

We walk the woods and climb a tree

Receiving Nature's therapy!

And laugh for joy to simply 'be'!



22 Aug 2018

Working on the new Raventimes!
Greenz and News

Pic by Spider Jerusalem

Midnight Art...

21 Aug 2018

Night holds the magick to make Pagan Stuff, don't you think?


19 Aug 2018

Keeping it real! ;-)
See you at festival mediaval!


18 Aug 2018
L to R: Annicke (who also plays in Shireen), Koen (who also plays in Seed), Jakob (who applied for OMNIA via the Raventimes), Peter (who also plays in Irfan), Steve Stick, Jenny, Joe (who also plays in Shantalla) and Saar (who also plays in Seed and Anuna).

We're rehearsing for the upcoming OMNIA concerts at the Festival Mediaval on 1st of september in Asz Czechia and 7th of september in Selb Germany...

In this picture you can see (most of) the OMNIA COLLECTIVE (from Holland, Ireland, Germany and Bulgaria) who will play there!
L to R: Annicke (who also plays in Shireen), Koen (who also plays in Seed), Jakob (who applied for OMNIA via the Raventimes), Peter (who also plays in Irfan), Steve Stick, Jenny, Joe (who also plays in Shantalla) and Saar (who also plays in Seed and Anuna).

Morrigann's Harvest!

17 Aug 2018

So...I finally finished this bit of Iron-Age Celtic, Spiritual Art.
Do you like my head?

It's all made out of foam rubber, Latex, plaster molds, acrylic paint ,laquer and quite a few hours of work ... but that's what you need if you want to get ahead (sic) for our upcoming SPECIAL OMNIA CONCERTS in Czechia and Selb(D)

...I daresay It would have been a damn sight easier just chopping off someones noggin' and spiking it!

Any guesses as to which particular very famous OMNIA song will definately be on our setlist?

Earth Warrior Inspirations

16 Aug 2018

This is the ulitimate Celtic warrior for Mother Earth: "Sláine"
(seen here as drawn by the incomparable Simon Bisley)

I used to lose myself in tonnes of comix (aka:"graphic novels") back in the day as they say...
Sláine has always been one of my inspirations because he is a classical Iron Age Celtic warrior hero not unlike Cú Chulainn who basically kicks Ass (axe) for Danu the EarthMother... and...
he Hates Romans and the destruction of Nature...
Now isn't that cool?

Ah the happy memories!

Which art inspires YOU?