We just luv Violins!

22 Dec 2015

Recording violin (and cello!) tracks with the amazing Sophie of Cesair!
so much talent! such wonderfull friends!...really, this album is going to be fucking awesome!
greenz from the Orchus studo :)


21 Dec 2015

Recording with our sweet and talented friend Maria from Cuélebre!


20 Dec 2015

"When all at once, I saw a crowd...
A host of golden daffodils"
(Yes it's still the middle of winter)

Shaman SteveSic

Picture by Wordsworth

a Winter rose... (Rosa Rosa Rosa est est)

18 Dec 2015

This morning I picked some dog-roses...
delicate fragile little roses growing outside in the middle of winter... hmmm?

looks cute eh?... but is it?... really?

It's December , it's winter in Northern Europe and I'm sitting on the balcony on a warm pleasant evening as I write this...
there is no snow, there is no Ice, there is no cold...

Naked Satria

16 Dec 2015

and the naked train keeps rollin' on!
Greenz from the (very hot) Orchus studio
OMNIA pic by Sic

Wow! YOU are such AMAZING people!!!

15 Dec 2015

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
Thanx so much for being out there and helping us to be what we have become...

without YOU we are nothing!

The reactions for the post of PA in OMNIA are so diverse and creative and heartwarming and lovely that I really have trouble expressing how I feel about it.

Daphyd the Crow…. sings?!!

13 Dec 2015

Today we had a lovely time recording some EXTREMELY special vocals by Daphyd in the Orchus Studio… Even Stenny was pleasantly surprised at his even more improved prowess in producing amazing ethnic sounds! 

What sounds, you wonder? A lot of Kargyraa, some Sygyt, and some very cheeky monkeys…among other things.

Naked Sound Engineer...

27 Nov 2015

Today we continue our experiments in nude Pagan fullmoon recording sessions.
We have added a "no clothes" policy in the control-room aswell as in sound booth... as you can see by Fieke , the sound engineer/owner of Orchus Studioworking her control desk like a "Sky-clad" sound wytch wink

Chaos in the Studio!!!

25 Nov 2015

Today we're recording the one and only OMNIA Didge Man Daphyd the Crow in the Orchus Studio !!!

Layin' down the bass trackz on the new OMNIA CD like a real fecking groovy pagan !


pic by sic


Recording with IRFAN!

25 Nov 2015

We've been working on our new Album in the studio the last few days…but not alone!…
Irfan have just completed their succesfull tour of shows in Holland and Belgium and have happily joined us in the studio as guests on some of our new songs!


22 Nov 2015

Support our independant musick and SHARE SHARE SHARE share this blog please!! smile-emoticon

100% Celtic Harp by Jenny...
100% original artwork by Victoria Francés - Official
Pure, Free and Sensual... 

"NAKED HARP" caresses the ears the eyes and the soul

get it HERE!!

This is Jenny, she plays the Harp :)

21 Nov 2015

Did you know that Jenny has recorded a complete OMNIA-cd called "NAKED HARP" all by herself? ... and it's really fecking awesome!
NAKED HARP is ofcourse a CD all about the Celtic harp but that doesn't mean she didn't plays her other instruments on it aswell, (like her unique Bodhran which you can see in this picture)
did I mention that All the beautifull original ART work was done by our friend Victoria Francés - Official the gifted spanish Artist?

I should possibly mention that NAKED HARP is going to be released next week on the 27th of november.