Fixing things yourself feels good

30 Oct 2018

Art is found in everything!

It pays to develop the skills to provide for your own living needs by yourself (not just woodcrafts ,cooking and survival skills) but also being self sufficient in things like building a bed, fixing a lamp or repairing a roof!

Do YOU "do stuff yourself" aswell?
(And do you think it makes you feel more confident in your life?)

Greenthingz and DIY

Pic by Bob the Paganbuilder

To Hug a Tree

29 Oct 2018

Is an expression of unity
It helps you to be...


Cherish the Trees we still have, we NEED each other


Pic by Sic


28 Oct 2018

The gently bubbling airlocks on our home-brew cider fills the air with its mesmerising, burbling flatulence... an entire civilisation of Yeast has arisen from the simple starting Culture within the mushed and squished Appley goodness in our vats.
All those teeny tiny busy little creatures are now lustily devouring the sugars in the fruit while multiplying at an impressive rate!
And ofcourse, during all this wild abandon of bohemian activity and digestion, they happily poop out copious amounts of carbon dioxide and...yes...wait for it...Drugs!!
(In the form of Alcohol!)
Yum! Isn't mother nature bountifull!

Yippee!! We have our own personal
Drug Culture! :-)

Greenthingz and pleasant intoxicationz!

Real Life...Real Musick!

27 Oct 2018

We're curious to know how many more pure acoustic bands out there, YOU like to listen to (besides OMNIA).
Which are YOUR favourite groups which also perform straight acoustic music when they play live?
(without using playback and digital tricks etc.)
And do YOU think it matters to the performance?

Greenthingz and PaganFolk!

Making Ciderrrrrrr!

25 Oct 2018

Ooh aarrrgh! Proper Job!

It's that time o' year to gather a whole bunch of the Goddess Pomona's** offerings and press the fuck out of them till the juice runs out (depressing if you happen to be an apple but quite uplifting if you be a monkey in search of proper home brew Cornish "Scrumpy")

Although I must say that this batch will be slightly more international product because we got all these lovely apples from the garden of our friends Chris and Maria in Denmark


24 Oct 2018

It’s a real problem. It is everywhere. If you’ve seen the documentary Plastic Ocean or read about this subject, you might know this already. The good news is, that an overwhelming majority of the European Parliament has just voted to strenghten the EU’s plan to cut plastic pollution. Tough rules on single-use plastic items in Europe could save marine life all over the globe.
But sadly, the individual countries can still make rotten compromises for corporations. So add your signature to this campiagn and turn up the heat! Also if you are not from Europe, because this is definitely a worldwide problem.

Sign the petition here:…

And share share share!!!
Thank you so much
Green(non-plastic)things Jenny / OMNIA


23 Oct 2018

Autumn bleed red leaves.
Turning season sings of life.
Red to dread to red.

Shaman SteveSic
Pic by Kobayahsi Issa

Vintage legal nipple on Sunday :-)

21 Oct 2018

...a random OMNIA backstage picture from the past...
Can YOU guess who these two OMNIA tribe members are and from which year this pic is?

Greenthingz and Historical nipples

Chaos Coffee break...

20 Oct 2018

The greatest moments in Art aren't always the instant of creation themselves, but the time you take to reflect upon them...

What do YOU think?

Greenthingz and creative chaos

New RavenTimes "Special Edition" OUT NOW!

17 Oct 2018

There's a special, international (5 languages!), newsletter all about...


Read all about it !


Kind reminder that if you didn't receive it in your regular email, try double checking your spam folder!

Happy Birthday Maria!!!!

16 Oct 2018

It's Maria Franz's (Heilung) birthday today and we're celebrating together by climbing trees and drinking cider.


Pic by The great Søren Bech

Lee la hoja informativa de Omnia en español, francés y holandés!

15 Oct 2018

Obtenlo gratis:

Se enviara a tu correo electrónico: el 17 de octubre.
Por favor comparte este mensaje!
OMNIA's newsletter will also appear in Spanish!

Big News!
The upcoming RavenTimes newsletter will appear in Dutch, Spanish, French, German and English!
Sign up HERE for Free!

It will be sent to your e-mail on the 17th of October!

pic by Zouberi


13 Oct 2018

We're helping out our friends of Heilung as Pagan roadies for their very special concert tonight in the sold out grand København konserthuset!

Any of YOU gonna be there?

Greenz and Paganhugz

Pic by the Roadie of Paganism