We love Bows!

26 Apr 2018

And today we're Just picking out some groovy new archery gear... trying out some different arrows and wow!
Those "wood look" carbon shafts are fecking smooth!
(Sorry, We can get really exited and geeky about nice accurate arrows)
So... any of YOU into archery?

Greens and whooooshhh...plonk!


24 Apr 2018

Free the music! We thought it would be nice to have our latest release "Reflexions" online on Youtube so that YOU can listen to it FOR FREE! (of course you should always consider getting the physical deal since you're otherwise missing out on all the nice art we put into it...and it would also really help us feed the children, get a piece of land, stuff like that...)

So, here you go!
Listen to it here!


23 Apr 2018

In the wake of the re-release of CRONE OF WAR and the official release of our latest Album REFLEXIONS we thought some nice combo-deals with special prices were in order!
For a limited time we'll have TWO Shirt + CD Combos available in our webshop - you can get:

- the CRONE OF WAR-CD with the classic OMNIA "Heart of Gold" T-shirt


- a copy of REFLEXIONS with our groovy "Raven's Eye" T-Shirt

Interested? Then head over to the webshop at www.worldofomnia.com/webshop, pick your size and get it shipped to you by our RavenTeam Daike!

Outdoor handpoke!

19 Apr 2018

Steve has been making the best of the (unseasonably) warm weather to poke some more heya-pagan tattoos in his own skin. Do you ever make Art outdoors? Show us what you create under the open sky!
Greenthings and birdy that sings


18 Apr 2018

Today we received a fresh batch of leathery goodness from our talented friends from Luna et Sol - so all our keychains and wristbands are back in stock and availabe again!
If you can't wait to get your hands on some of the handcrafted eco-goodies, check out our webshop!


Daike et OMNIA

Pic by Spike Dearheart

Filling time on the road

16 Apr 2018

Were travelling back from Germany today after dropping off Damien (son of the Devil) and Spike (daughter in Law of the Devil)... collectively and bizarrely known as "Daike" ... at their home in a green corner of Germany.

Family time!

14 Apr 2018

Stenny and Daike are having a business meeting in the woods, enjoying the fresh springy weather and figuring out all kinds of interesting things for the future of OMNIA...
What have YOU been up to today?

Greenthings on productive wings,


Spring is in the air!

7 Apr 2018

So...we are enjoying our Dutch spring sun (finally)...are you in a sunny place and how do you enjoy the rays?
Sunny springy greenthings xxx Stenny

Ps: the book on the pic is an absolute must-read.

The old and the new come together!

2 Apr 2018

Our newest CD 'Reflexions' is out now and to celebrate we made a special offer combining this new CD with our oldest, 'Crone of War (2004, re-released due to popular demand)', so you can listen to the full spectrum of what OMNIA has to offer and has learned over the years!

Why do YOU think those two CD's go together well?