15 Jan 2014

As the light of life wanes with the setting of the sunSo the Moon rises... heralding the night time of sleep in Death,only to be reborn on some other day...on the Darkest nights there is always hope
Shaman SteveSic

night-time picture outside the Stennystudio by Sic


14 Jan 2014

Today we were busy outside... busy in the forest!... dragging dead trees around and such (don't ask)... and you know... it felt like ...spring?
The bulbs are pushing fresh and green through the earth... leaves are awakening... flowers are unfolding... We even heard a Blackbird singing it's spring song!...
Cute isn't it?

erm... well no.. it's not cute... it's dangerous... it means a lot of death, pain, suffering and destruction will happen when the actual winter starts...

OMNIA "Earth Warrior" Art-preview no.4

10 Jan 2014

"The wilderness once offered a plausible way of life, now it functions as a psychiatric refuge ... Soon there will be no wilderness ... then the madness becomes Universal, and the Universe goes mad"

- Edward Abbey (1927-1987)

quote from "the monkey wrench gang"

"whoever controls the media, controls the mind"
- Jim Morrison (1943- 1971)

I Don’t Speak Human…

8 Jan 2014

As you might have noticed, we’ve reached over 500k views on YouTube with our Official ”I Don’t Speak Human” video!
Thank YOU for sharing this message with the world. 

Unfortunately the weather is still changing, nature is still confused and lots of people still don’t understand a word nature is saying…
That’s why we think NOW is the right time to share this message again, due to the growth of our virtual World oOMNIA on these so called ”Social Media”.

First OMNIA live-Show of 2014 coming up!!

6 Jan 2014

Yep! we're going to play the first OMNIA paganrock-show of the year 2014!! 
On friday the 24 of januari in the Altstadt in Eindhoven NL ...
(close to the Belgian and the German border  )

We'll be rocking this great old-school venue with good Earth vibes and lots of PaganFolk musick!! Ofcourse we'll play loads of the new unreleased songs from our upcoming album "Earth Warrior" as well as many of our old favourites... for You! ...for Ourselves!...and ofcourse for the Earth!!
We hope to see as many of you as can possibly fit in there! to help us welcome the new musickal year in style!!
The Altstadt is quite small so if you wanna be a part of this special OMNIA musick experience order your tickets (by phone) as soon as possible!... 

The band is all together... and you know?... we all have wishes!

4 Jan 2014

I wish we could play some musick!... Today was going to be a practice day for the OMNIA live gigs... but sadly one of us is as sick as a concentration camp pig... erm... snif!... hatchooo!... dat would be me... (sic)

So... no singing... so no practice...and (because I have more snot than inspiration) today we all write the bloggy together and fill it with new-year wishes for 2014!! 

Pagan Earth Folk in the New Year!!!

3 Jan 2014

Well... here we are... the Yule/NewYear madness is over...

the Hang is over... (yes it's a pun)
and I'm blogging again...
I missed a day and I almost felt guilty you know... As if you'd be disappointed after checking our webpages to find ...nothing...
sometimes I wonder if I'm not blogging too much? (do you really want to read my thoughts every fecking day?) anyway... wondering aside... 
It's a new Year of GIGS coming up! all over the place! Yeah! and sometime this spring we'll release our new CD "Earth Warrior"! Yo! ...and Hoka Hey!

Yule is over…

28 Dec 2013

and so this was Christmas… 
and what have we done?
another year over… 
but the War on Nature goes on…


25 Dec 2013

Merry Yule!... because you've been so good, here's your present 

And remember kiddies... Nothing is Sacred... Only the EARTH!!

Greenthingz with little berries! (like Holly , Ivy and plenty of mistletoe!)

Pic by Sic

Finding my Religion!! Now the new season can start officially!

22 Dec 2013

Last night we had a beautifull "WickerMan" burning ritual on the rugged outdoor scouting terrain of "Explo's Brandevoort" (well it was a wickerwoman actually)... We sacrificed many precious thingz together with some of our friends... the devouring flames of the midwinter fire carried our hopes and wishes up to the spirit of life...

the first dates of the NEW OMNIA tour-AGENDA 2014 is ONLINE!!!

18 Dec 2013

Yes people the OMNIA Earth Warriors are coming your way! 
We have put the first festivals and concerts that have been confirmed for 2014 online today...

These include shows that you have come to expect from us like:

- the first chaotic club-gig party of the year in the Altstadt in Eindhoven
- the awesome MPS festival-shows all over germany...
- the Castlefest 10 year anniversary "special" show...

there are new arrivals like:
- the huge german WACKEN festival! 

Shoot the Sunset...

16 Dec 2013

We just did another "EarthWarrior" art-photoshoot in the forest... and Yes... 
this time it's Jenny! 
Man! it's all so beautifull out there (and with Jenny in my viewer it just became better all the time!... so you can imagine what my day was like 
... when we were finished we walked over the high hill back to our house in the woods... but at the top... the Sunset called to us for just a few more shots... even though it was fecking cold by then and an icy wind was blowing over the exposed outcrop....Jenny stripped down to her loincloth, took up the EarthWarrior bow ... and we took this final picture you see now... 

Last night was Golden...

15 Dec 2013

We had a wonderfull gig in yet another full Theatre yesterday! Wow... what a night! The OMNIA gang had gathered there to play our songs for a great audience (made up of many fans and friends who had gathered from Holland and Germany , as well as lots of local theatre goers who seemed pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by nature freaks and OMNIA madness... it's not the kind of "Celtic experience" that people have come to expect nowadays...  ... I'm a little knackered now...
Stenny just came back from a walk in the forest to let the thoughts and feelings of another flight into musick settle gently into our hearts... and now I write to YOU...
because: "this is not about us... it's about you..."