more Love in the Forest...

1 Dec 2013

Today we did a really intimate Stenny photoshoot in the forest for Artwork pictures... OK... It was really fecking cold being completely "skyclad' in the woods in winter... but really...   (and I know I run the risk of sounding seriously cheesy here) our Love keeps us warm... always... like... wow...!!!

XXXX and Bohemian Greenthingzz!


Touch a tree...

30 Nov 2013

This be Jenny... 

she be free...
She feel happy...
'cause she touch tree...

...pic by Yggdrasil (your home)

Touch Wood...

29 Nov 2013

Life turned out good... like I knew it would
and to make it so... I just touched wood.

Shaman SteveSic
pic by sic

Guitar recordings done!!

27 Nov 2013

Joe earned his Omnia Dollar!

Gosh... after jammin' and recording with Joe Hennon these last couple of days ... I do realise how much we miss a really good guitar sound sometimes... sweet! Joe played awesome guitars on some of our new songz and I felt all goosebumpy and warm when I heard that DADGAD sound...Fieke made brilliant recordings of it all and now that old-schoolOMNIA sound is back on these tracks!


Recording Joe Hennon!!

26 Nov 2013

(another Earth Warrior aboard!)

Today we are recording in the Stenny studio in the forest... And guess who's playing guitar? It's our old friend Joe Hennon (from the most execellent Irish/Scottish trad-folk band Shantalla) Joe played guitar in OMNIA with Jenny and me for quite some years... (you'll know his typical guitar sound from our older OMNIA albums like PaganFolk, World of OMNIA and Wolf Love).

Laughter and sadness...

25 Nov 2013

Life is waves... a beautifull dance of energy.. which lifts you up to the highest clouds... and drops you down into the darkest depths... only to lift you up again... waves of life rolling like the oceans... 

Sometimes I laugh, because I'm happy, Sometimes I laugh because I am angry...
Sometimes I cry because I'm sad... sometimes I cry because life is just sooo fucking wonderfull...
I cry when I see beauty...
because I love life and all her waves...

OMNIA Dollar?

24 Nov 2013

So... my webfriends... this is a picture of one virtual online "OMNIA Dollar"...
in my last post Sarah Lyle, Cuchulainn Murphy and especially Sophie Holmes got the right idea.. 
now it's your turn to make weird pictures... hehehe!

here we are now... entertain us 



23 Nov 2013

What would you do for an OMNIA dollar?... We made up a random chaos-game...

the message of FaceBook: MAKE WAR NOT LOVE!!!

21 Nov 2013

Nipples on Social media ? ... NO!!! (how disgusting!)
Guns and violence?... YES PLEASE!!! 

happily we love life to much to care about this Bullshit...

I was thinking about censorship on FB and how

EarthWarrior... slowly coming into focus...

17 Nov 2013

The process of finding the "look" of a new Album is always a pretty tricky one...
(Like a song it has to ripen and grow... to get the overall "feel" right, so that it goes with the whole musickal, artistickal, philosophical expression/message of the album... If it's gonna be has to be bloody good!!


16 Nov 2013

This weekend we are working on OMNIA CD Artwork for EarthWarrior...
That's why I aint bloggin much...
sorry for the non-communicado...
here's a small preview to keep you happy and smileyfaced...

Greenz and ART!!!
(picture drawn by a random guy in the street)

Another day at the office... erm?

14 Nov 2013

Working at the portable omnia office in a car-showroom? 
Our van is getting winter tires put on today... so we wait in the car showroom till it's done... I feel soooooooooooooo out of place here!!

Greenz and Wheelz
ShamanSteveSic picture by Mike the Mechanic


the Smell of Sun on morning-keys...

13 Nov 2013

"The smell of sun on autumn leaves said:
take good care of all you see.
praise the earth down on your knees
That's what the old man said to me..."

"Old man Tree"

This is the view from our window this morning, as work on "Earth Warrior" continues...
Shaman Steve Sic

Wet Wet Wet...

12 Nov 2013

Me make a roof to keep off the rain and the snow from our frontdoor...
Me feel real manly and usefull now! build house... woman make a pot of tea! 

Constructive and wet Greenthingz!
ShamanSteveSic (picture by Bob the fucking builder)