Contentment :-)

2 Jul 2018

We just finished our practice sessions with OMNIA... in one word:

Greenz and PaganFolk Musick

Band practice! (The hard life of a musician part 15)

30 Jun 2018

We're having fun arranging tunes and chilling at dreamharps together with (part of) the wonderously creative and talented
"OMNIA Colllective"
We're preparing for our upcoming special gigs in Czechia und Deutschland in september!

Greenthingz and Summerheat!
The OMNIA Collective

The new edition of the Raventimes is out today!

29 Jun 2018

(O.K. Full moon was yesterday, but, as you will notice from this month's RT, we all had a little vacation time, so cut us some slack this once! ;-) )

Have a nice read, we also love the reactions we get from you guys (through mail and on here) so let us know what YOU thought of this Holiday Special!

Relaxedthingz on vacationwingz


Weird Flying Faeries...

29 Jun 2018

We get the freakiest creatures flapping around at night!

How about you?
Greenz and midnight wonder

Pic by Sic

Inked Friends!

26 Jun 2018

After racing the Black Beauty Beast up through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hrvatska, Slovenia, Austria and graduly up into ever increasing road rage and chaos through Bavaria we have now reached the peacefull house of our old friends Markus and Verena in Germany
Gerümpelstube Wachenheim
I'm sitting in their backyard listening to the gorgeous singing of the blackbirds while sipping an icecold cider :-)
Good times!
Now to top it off I'm gonna join Jenny in the first hot bath we've had in yonks...

I'm happy :-)

What about YOU?

Friends and family

24 Jun 2018

Today we left our amazing friends in Bulgaria to start on the return journey back home to our little forest house.
As I write this we are Roaring along the motorways of Serbia, but our hearts are still with our friends, their horses and other animals in the impressive nature of the Balkan!
But like Arnie: "We'll be back!"

Greenthingz on the road again

Pic by action girl ;-)

Last time...

24 Jun 2018

... morning sun rising over "our" Yurt... today we leave Bulgaria

Love Riding :-)

17 Jun 2018

This makes us feel Alive!
What does it for YOU?

Greenz from Bulgaria
Stenny ,Boaza and Sam

Pic by Pancho the Mighty