November Bilberries? (Let's talk about the Climate... part 9)

18 Nov 2018

Last night the frost started properly in our forest,that is good and roughly as it should be.

It's still too dry because the long rains haven't materialised to refresh the parched land that was dessicated like a desert during this long hot everlasting summer... um... that's not so good.

It's probably going to be a fucking cold winter in our Dutch/German forest this year because some of our "winterfriends" the Bramblings (Fringilla Montifringilla) have flown down from the north to settle in our forest two whole months too early!

Monkey Man

15 Nov 2018

Never take yourself too seriously :-P

Heyoka Hey!
Shaman SteveSic

Message in a bottle...

8 Nov 2018

we got a message in a bottle today, it said:

"the Cider you put to ferment two weeks ago is now ready for it's second fermentation (along with some Honey from Hrvatska) in smaller bottles...this is gonna be great home-brew!!"

end of message

What are YOU brewing and how is it going?

Greenz and Drug culture
Shaman SS

ps: note how all the bottles are sealed with Gaffer "stage" Tape... 'cause this is gonna be "RockStarCider"!!

Angels are watching you...

6 Nov 2018

But who knows why?

Greenthingz and nightmares! ;-)
(Not every blog has to be nice)

SS (PoP)

Pic and statue-art by Sic

Strings in Harmony...

4 Nov 2018

We're jamming and practicing tunes with Joe in Belgium today! :-)

A life of Art is a life well spent!

Greenthingz and warmest chords
Stenny and Joe

Pic by mr.Happy

We're in Belgium!

3 Nov 2018

Thank you for the magickal autumn pictures! Here's how we spent today's sunny cold fall day: Hanging out with Joe and Shane Hennon in the beautiful Park of Tervuren in Belgium...

Autumn Dreams...

3 Nov 2018

Show us your autumn pictures!!!

Greenthings on fly agaric wings,

Tropical Yoga

1 Nov 2018

It's a cold, wet and dreary day in our forest... But we need a lot of rain to bring the waterlevels back up to normal, so that's ok.
And despite the greyness of the day, there is always a light that shines...
Because it shines on the inside :-)

Yes, you're right... this picture has nothing to do with this blog at all, except that it was taken on this exact day back in 2014 when we were touring in Mexico...
but hopefully it helps to bring a little warmth and beauty into your day ;-)

Greenthingz, Pagan musick and inner sunshine!

Happy Halloween (Tattoo)!

31 Oct 2018

It's Samhain...even though the spring flowers are blooming all around our house.
I'm giving my daughter Myrthe (aka:"Lucy Mc Death") a random ritual Fortuna tattoo at this magick time...

This day of the Spirits...

when the Dead arise to mingle among the living...

When the murdered come to seek revenge upon their killers...

A Night to remind us of our own Mortality...

And speaking as a member of the most murderous species on this planet I would say:

Fixing things yourself feels good

30 Oct 2018

Art is found in everything!

It pays to develop the skills to provide for your own living needs by yourself (not just woodcrafts ,cooking and survival skills) but also being self sufficient in things like building a bed, fixing a lamp or repairing a roof!

Do YOU "do stuff yourself" aswell?
(And do you think it makes you feel more confident in your life?)

Greenthingz and DIY

Pic by Bob the Paganbuilder

To Hug a Tree

29 Oct 2018

Is an expression of unity
It helps you to be...


Cherish the Trees we still have, we NEED each other


Pic by Sic


28 Oct 2018

The gently bubbling airlocks on our home-brew cider fills the air with its mesmerising, burbling flatulence... an entire civilisation of Yeast has arisen from the simple starting Culture within the mushed and squished Appley goodness in our vats.
All those teeny tiny busy little creatures are now lustily devouring the sugars in the fruit while multiplying at an impressive rate!
And ofcourse, during all this wild abandon of bohemian activity and digestion, they happily poop out copious amounts of carbon dioxide and...yes...wait for it...Drugs!!
(In the form of Alcohol!)
Yum! Isn't mother nature bountifull!

Yippee!! We have our own personal
Drug Culture! :-)

Greenthingz and pleasant intoxicationz!