The Rythm of Life

26 May 2021

The Rythm flows like a river, It flies like a stormwind, it undulates like the tides cycling and spinning like Earth, Sun and Moon

This Drum (Bodhran) is the very first gift I ever bought for Jenny, when I had just met her.
From a small workshop in Berlin to the gifted hands of Jenny to the everlasting OMNIA experience
This Bodhran has been with us on stage on every single OMNIA performance we have ever done...

Always flowing, always choosing the elegant, most practical and energy efficient way to express the energy of life... as does all of nature

Building a better future, while living a great today...

10 May 2021

The last one and a half years we have been doing whatwe’ve always been doing, namely protecting Nature and living a good life but with a difference..

What seems only a short time (or a lifetime) ago we were working hard at composing , teaching, touring and playing musick to raise awareness about the impending climate disasters, the Sacredness of Nature and the worrying political and financial divide that was growing between the ordinary people and the “world leaders/owners”.


25 Apr 2021

This "RAP" starts right here
'cause all this SHIT's gone far enough
I'm taking time to write defiant rhymes, I find inside my mind

All this CRAP stops right here
While we've still got LOVE enough
The time in NOW, the place is HERE ,Let's break the CHAINS and CLEAR THE AIR


This is our Freedom song
Sing along, sing along
This is our Freedom song

It's a Freedom song

Better one bird in the hand…

9 Apr 2021

than another little Natural friend dead.

I Helped this feathered fairy away from the threshold of DEATH today.
It’s something I often do somehow… it’s just part of my job.

And as you know , holding and singing to pretty wild birds is also a big hobby of mine!
It makes me feel even more connected to the wild and it feels good to help out wherever I’m needed.

The blessings of Springtime :-)

7 Apr 2021

“Spring’s gentle song of Nature, wakes the flowers an’ makes them grow

‘Till Human horror climate crisis, smothers them in freezing snow”

The temperature on TERRA OMNIA dropped about 30 degrees celcius in two days and the land is now covered in snow like midwinter …again… and again
(for the 5th time this year?)

welcome to the new ever-changing normal :-)

So… I’m curious, what’s the weather like where YOU are?

Greenthingz, White thingz and real Wildlings!

Flower Power

5 Apr 2021

While Greedy Monkeys are all fighting for more
In TERRA OMNIA we just make Love… not War

Nothing is Sacred… only Nature

Stenny and Crt

A question of Belief (a short essay about history and timetravel)

3 Apr 2021

Let's play a game! You will need to use your own imagination, so I'm afraid this blog will only work for about 10% of the readers out there... but still here goes!

Imagine YOU are a proper God-fearing peasant, living around 15th century Europe...

As a well brought up peasant, you just KNOW that God rules everything, He rules justly, wisely and unconditionally. (You've been told this all your life, and really EVERYONE around you agrees, so it must be true!)

Building a better today! (chasin’ them 3rd millenium blues away!)

31 Mar 2021

I like being happy, I’ve always been a positive pagan and most of my life has been one loooong festival of personal freedom , travelling, social gathering and learning… all carried and made possible by the unique and life-giving PaganFolk music gifted to us by the spirits.


14 Mar 2021

A few words about your "invisible environment" :-)

As a veteran touring musician I've spent a lot of my life on big festival, club and theatre stages (remember them?) all filled with an enormous smog of different Electro Magnetic Fields emanating from all the wireless equipment, stage lights and amplification (and the other bands' inevitable laptops ;-))
This has made me acutely aware of my "Electro Magnetic Sensitivity"
(something which we ALL are, actually, although about 15% of the population is much more sensitive than others, me included, maybe you too).

Fridays 4 Future!! (on saturday)

27 Feb 2021

Every friday jenny and me demonstrate for today and for the future! **

because since the world wide rise of totalitarian capitalism which forbids people to be free in favour of compulsory house arrest and internet/device addiction, I think it is the DUTY of every monkey who (through the circumstances of their personal life choices) is still able to do so…


Happy Birthday Jenny!!

20 Feb 2021

The Sun is up, the day is wonderfull, The birds are singing merrily, the flowers are peeping lazily up above the ground to show their pretty little faces


It’s Jenny the “Nature Child”s birthday!!!

Nature is happy that she is here to fill the world with her kindness,compassion, beauty and Art.

And so am I, for she is the sweet, sexy ,loving and talented, light of my life as well as the musical heart of our OMNIA :-)

Be Merry! Enjoy and weyheyhey!!
For today is Jenny’s birthday!!

Let’’s talk about the weather again ;-) Blitz Freeze!!

14 Feb 2021


As the rythms of the season break up and splinter in this ongoing Human Climate corruption, We can see ever increasing short spikes of VERY hot and VERY Cold air.

The old trusted patterns  are now replaced by the long predicted Climate Chaos!

The stuttering transatlantic conveyor belt and the BROKEN Nothern Polar vortex are mixing up the pattern even further, so life get’s more extreme with each passing month as Gaia continues to scratch her human fleas.

Thanx Guys!

4 Feb 2021

We read all your comments and felt a lot better about the nosedive culture and our part in it.
We'll keep on dancing 'till we Die!  ;-)

Also...Even though we use internet as little as possible and switch off all connection at night etc., we're still obliged to go online to handle YOUR orders for OMNIA CD's and OMNIA shirts etc. from our online webshop…

Which we do personally these days!
("your friendly OMNIA webshop team Stenny")

I used to be a blogger... but I really cannot do it anymore

21 Jan 2021

As YOU may know, I have been blogging OMNIA messages for about the last 16 years, it used to be every fecking day!,

I was touring the world, festival to festival, full of hope and the fire to change the world for the better!  To raise awareness about the Natural world and our place as monkeys in it.

I wrote stories about OMNIA and what she stands for,
free-minded Paganism,  
worship of ALL Nature,
acceptance that EVERYTHING is alive and has thoughts and feelings.