Game of Thrones ;-)

11 Jan 2019

(And now for something completely different)

Jenny has apparently become "King in the North" as a member of the Stark family and is about to kick the living shizzle out of our evil friend Kelvin Kalvus "the depraved Lannister" for the control of westeros!
Let's see how this ends up?

And Me?... what I'm doing is observing the action, so that (like the writers of the teevee series) I can jump in with teleporting ravens and "faster than the speed of sound" Dragons to cover up the holes in the plot as they develop during the battle... hehehe!

Happy Climate Change! (Let's talk about the weather: part 10)

8 Jan 2019

We're visiting the east of Germany on the Czech border today as the guests of our old friend Kelvin Kalvus and his wonderfull family.
The weather here is great! Very an arctic kind of way ;-)
(Although I heard that to the south of here, in Bavaria things have gotten REALLY extreme now)

So... let's compare notes again!What is happening where YOU are?

(Don't forget to Mention your city and country!)

Greenthingz under layers of white

Pic by Yeti

On the road again?

6 Jan 2019

The OMNIA-Black Beast-van is packed, we're ready to drive on down the motorways ,just like we have done a 1000 times over the years...
Only now we are not leaving to tour with the band, but rolling through Europe on the next part of our "Quest for Land" to build a physical home for OMNIA and her philosophy of natural life...

Who knows what we'll find this time?

What do YOU think is a good place to build an actual "world of OMNIA"?

Greenthingz and still searching for a home!
Stenny et OMNIA

Have you ever heard of the Dunning Kruger Effect?

2 Jan 2019

It basically boils down to the fact that humans have the tendency to be too stupid to see how stupid they are. Knowing this can help you make better choices in your life...
And it's also a bit of a help dealing for those of us who see their own limits and 'know they know nothing' (you know who you are) with the ones that don't get it (you don't know you aren't ;-) )

I like this kind of stuff.

Reading "Thinking, fast and slow" at the moment, after reading "The invisible Gorilla". Wanted to share this video with you!
If you find this stuff interesting too, go read some books about it (or find more vids if you don't read)

"To know is to know you know nothing...that is the true meaning of knowledge"

Greenthingz Jenny / OMNIA


Three Happy New Year's Wishes!

31 Dec 2018

It's that magical sparkly time of year again kids! A fictional line is drawn between the old and the new...
A time of hope,
a time to wish for all the best to happen in the coming year!

So let's be indulgent ,
let's believe in the magick newyear fairies and make 3 special wishes!

ready?... here they are:

The Vinyl Solution ;-)

27 Dec 2018

Because we've finally started selling OMNIA Vinyl Albums (after many requests from YOU) ,we've also bought a record player again for ourselves!

Not just to be able to play our own album "Reflexions" (which looks fucking awesome in this large "proper" size!) but also to play the warm beautifull sounds of music on an analogue set up :-)
I got all my old albums and 12"discs (mostly from the 80's) out of storage and now the StennyStudio reverberates with the grotty analogue echoes of new wave, punk and experimental artistic shizzle from the past!

Look into the future

26 Dec 2018

Look into the light
Through the darkness of mankind
The Sun's still shining bright...

Nothing is Sacred... only Nature

Greenthingz and natural-peace
Stenny et OMNIA

A bird in hand...

25 Dec 2018

This little fellow was in trouble this morning and needed some helping out :-)
After just a bit of kind attention this brambling was good to go again and flew off back into the wild.

The big global problems in nature we can't fix , but still... we do what we can!

Greenthingz , Bramblingz and Life!

Pic by Jenny

Happy Midwinter everyone!

21 Dec 2018


Internet reality check... this picture was taken last week, today it's not snowing and warmer,wet and windy... but the sentiment is 100% real ;-)


17 Dec 2018

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Sparrowteam et OMNIA


16 Dec 2018

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Sandy Claws et OMNIA


15 Dec 2018

Only FOUR more days until the release of our LP - are you excited yet? We've only got so many, so if you haven't ordered one yet, be quick as they might be sold out soon (which is FANTASTIC feedback, thank YOU!).

If you're not into collecting heavy vinyl discs, maybe today's deal is for you, check it out here.

The Hogfather et OMNIA