Mushroomszz and Monkeyzz

7 Oct 2017


Nice pic in the forest, but We're actually driving on the road to Kobenhavn now... the international motorway looks so butt-ugly we want to spare you the I'll just share this nice pic I took yesterday :-)
(Our heart is still there among the trees)

Touch a Tree...

5 Oct 2017

We just had a good walk around our forest today, letting the wind,the Sun and the rain clear our heads so we can prepare ourselves to leave our safe home in the woods again.

Tomorrow we drive all the way to Denmark to meet up with our old friend Christopher in the Lava Studio in Kopenhagen...
(Do YOU wanna guess as to what we will be doing there the coming weeks?)

Greenz and the smell of Sun on Autumn leaves

Feeling Alive...

26 Sep 2017


Thingz that make me feel Alive:
Riding through the early-autumn forest on the back of my friend Sugar (no "bit" OFCOURSE!)
In good company with friends and Nature.

Enjoy each good days that is given to you, because each second of life is sacred...

Shaman SteveSic

Pic by Paul de bosman ;-)


25 Sep 2017

(What to do with 21 years of original PAGANFOLK memories?)

We've been cleaning out our storage dungeon (where we keep all the old OMNIA cd's and goodies)
And look what we found!!

All sorts of ancient OMNIA stuff!
from the BIRTH of PAGANFOLK! 
Original very first 2003 pressing OMNIA tee-shirts! (From the very first 100 ever pressed, With the first official omnia logo I ever made on them)

Tonnes of original print Posters dating back to that time and onward!

Others :-)

23 Sep 2017


Today Life is beautifull (for us) and sharing it in peace ,respect and harmony with the creatures of this magic biosphere called Earth is the ONLY way to really experience it to the full!

Enjoy each beautifull day in nature while you still can :-)
Do YOU Feel Alive?


Happy Mabon everyone!

21 Sep 2017

Time of Harvest

Nature sows the seed
And Reaps the Fruit...

Mankind sows destruction
And Reaps the Storm...

We sows the Spirit
And Reaps the Musick!

Peace and Plenty to YOU all!

Come Join us for some HOLLAND!

19 Sep 2017


OMNIA will play only 1 show in the Netherlands in 2017 and this is it!
And we're play a full festival show, but then in the unique and suitably ancient atmosphere of the good old Altstadt in Eindhoven!
(close to the German and Belgian border by the way)

And remember folks the Altstadt is a tiny "old school" venue so be sure to reserve your tickets in advance!
More info HERE


Pagans in London!

18 Sep 2017

Stenny has crawled out of the forest to the big old city on the Thames ,which has changed an awfull lot since I was here last!!!?) why are we here?
So we can join in the 40th year anniversary gala of SeaShepherd ofcourse!!
(Which is tonight in Greenwich)

Greenz and fight the good fight!

Farley Mowat (1921-2014)

14 Sep 2017

This is Farley Mowat  one of my greatest heroes.
This man has taught me so much about life on this planet and the changes wrought by mankind upon it, through his amazing life and the books he wrote about his observations.

Photograph the Photographers!!

11 Sep 2017

The 10 year anniversary of the most awesome Festival-MediavalRocked! 10 years of sheer fun and joy for us!
(and they even gave us a 100% ecological OMNIA cake!)

This is us with the chief organiser (Blaecky) and the entire Photo-crew who bring you the beautiful pictures each year of all the great shows and people at one of ABSOLUTE favourite festivals (hey guys!). 
We all shared the vibe together, audience, bands, crews, orga, marketstands, catering, security…all big smiles, all good feelings!!

Dancing at Festival-Mediaval

10 Sep 2017

Dancing at Festival-Mediaval to the wonderfull musick of Dikanda!! 

Check them out and give them a "like"!! They deserve it!!! 

Tonight we Pagan-Folk Rock the mainstage! See you there! 



Pic by Pickle Rick