Are you ready for the oncoming ice-age?

11 Aug 2018

The time for a nice and soft OMNIA Hoodie is nigh..!
Our new Hoodies are available in two different designs: the well established "Earth Warrior" look as well as the "Raven's Eye"

They're BIGGER (big hoods for all you dreadheads out there)
And they're BETTER for the Earth (and YOU)...because they're also ORGANIC :)

Check em' out here!

Cottonthings on prepared wings

The RavenTeam

Naked Healing Properties of Mother Nature (part 2) :-)

7 Aug 2018

Free Body Culture (FKK) they call it in Germany, where (unlike on Americanised "social" media) it is perfectly normal to be naked in Nature!
The total body Relaxation gets deeper while canooing free under the sun in the beautifull Mecklenburgishes seeen platte!

Do YOU like to be naked in Nature too?

Greenthingz on calm waters!

Pic by Benjamin Franklin

Anybody recognise this guy?

5 Aug 2018

This is me and a younger version of myself who was still optimistic and energetic, believed in true friendship and the basic honesty of people and who really wanted to help others and had lots of hope for the future...

obviously , he's dead now...

Have a nice day ;-)
NOTHING is Sacred... only NATURE

Steve Sic and Steve Stick


2 Aug 2018

Lughnasadh is a dry one this year...pffff....stay cool!
Xxx Stenny

Change is upon us!

30 Jul 2018

As you may have noticed by the weather chaos
It is Time for ritual and meditation to fortify ourselves for what is come...

This is me meditating and embracing change through ritual tattoo together with my good friend Sander MindFull Tattoos

Are YOU ready for change?

Greenz, ink and breathe through the pain ;-)


Pic by Jenny

Our Summer Sale continues :)

28 Jul 2018

We just added a bunch of sweet deals to our webshop that you might enjoy!

Check them out in our Webshop!

Greenthings on discounted wingz

The RavenTeam

Face Off, living Death :-)

27 Jul 2018

15 years ago I made a cast of my face... I kept this latex imprint of the younger, enthousiastic,neo-Celtic Pagan musician/warrior/bard I was back then.

That Steve is dead.
I am now turning this cast into a "chopped-off Sic head" which will be put on the end of a Celtic spear to grace our OMNIA COLLECTIVE stage when we play... as a physical reminder of the mortality of us all ;-)
(It's an ancient Celtic habit ;-))

Greenz ,past lives and avenging Nature!
Shaman Steve Sic

Pic by Fionn mac Cumhaill

50 shades of drought...

22 Jul 2018

We're sitting in the bone dry dusty grass ... Holland is drying out, the fields are yellow and barren, the trees in the forest are turning brown, There is dust everywhere in our forest and the food and water for the already struggling wildlife is getting sparse...

It hasn't rained in quite a while in lush green "water land" Holland (?)
The temperature is "costa del heatwave" and the sky is blue ... every day!
It looks like the spirits of Nature are telling us that change is happening,
Here and now.
Interesting... hmmm?