Happy Ostara Everybody!

21 Mar 2018

It's the festival of Spring, Flowers, Eggs, Bunnies and other fertility things :-)

The third very cold winter of this year is just ending now (or at least, that is what we and all the other forest creatures, plants and nesting birds hope)!

The third spring seems to have started for real now (again...we hope hope hope)!

It's always good to feel the sun shine on Ostara because this is Steve and Jenny's handfasting anniversary!

Celebrating Returning Greenthingz and HOPE!  ;-)

OMNIA in Germany and Czech Republik in 2018!

20 Mar 2018
Picture of Stenny, Blaecky and the lovely Mediaval crowd!

Festival Mediaval is the ONLY festival in the WORLD where OMNIA will play this year!

Stenny will take time out from their very time consuming "Nature Plans" to come into civilisation and play on only ONE special Festival in 2018.

This year Festival Mediaval is spread over two weekends and two countries, so OMNIA will play BOTH of them:
1st of september 2018 in Aš (Czech Republik)
7th of sepember 2018 in Selb (Germany)

Bouzouki Maintenance!

19 Mar 2018
Jenny restringing the bouzoukis.

The last few years, I, Jenny, have been the one to put new strings on Steve's Bouzoukis. Not because Steve is lazy (he would be the last person I think of as lazy), but for health reasons: Steve always ends up bleeding from hands, fingers and arms from the nasty little sharp metal needle-like ends of the new strings. Somehow, I am totally unharmed after re-stringing both babies.
It must be a harpplayer's thing and, you know, I actually enjoy this fiddly task. It beats putting 34 strings (including making knots in the ends of the carbon fibre ones) on a harp, believe me.

We are in a spring forest!!!

17 Mar 2018

Oh no wait! It's a beautiful dressing room in HOFtheater Raalte 
(the theater itself is located in a lovely bit of green so trees all around, yay!)

I'll post a picture of the hall later, looks great!
Greenthings on walls!

Part 2

16 Mar 2018

Building up part 2: checking didge and drinking tea ;-)